Cheating in College Easier than Ever with these Essay Sites

InternetMagazines like Rolling Stone used to have advertisements in the back of their publications for “paper mills” (online companies that people buy, trade or borrow college essays and papers from), but now with more and more students having to submit papers to anti-plagiarism sites such as, universities are cracking down on academic integrity.

However, students are just coming up with new ways to acquire papers and essays without having to actually do the work themselves.

Instead of the simple “pay for your papers” plans of the past, Internet cheating has evolved into a broad and lucrative industry and proliferated at an accelerated rate since 2000. Reports speculate it has evolved because of the faceless nature of the digital world where websites can operate undisturbed.

Some websites have even tailored their companies to a specific student, becoming the expert on papers specializing in anything from medical to communications. Some are also making an effort to avoid the bad label by claiming to only provide “sample papers” as “models” for students to then tailor their own papers. However, a lot of those sites also offer cheating tips on exams. Reports are showing also that a lot of purchased papers are mediocre at best to ensure a harder task at recognizing the papers as a part of plagiarism.

Here are some of the sites that have outlasted, outsmarted, and outearned:
•    ChuckIII’s College Resources (
•    AntiStudy (

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