27 Frightening and Disgusting Fraternity and Sorority Hazing Examples

How to haze

Going through the process of fraternity recruitment and sorority recruitment can be intimidating enough, the idea of “selling yourself” to a group of daunting peers in hopes of social acceptance and life long, unwavering friendship is frightening, then add in the fact that you’re probably a college freshman and have just left home, your pets, your friends and your family, the situation makes me nervous just remembering it.

And yes, hazing does still happen with in the Greek community. Within any culture, traditions will evolve and intensify as the society grows; such is the case with hazing. Hazing started as a way for new members of the Greek organizations to prove their loyalty to the organization they wished to join. With exclusivity of membership, officers in the organizations could request or demand that prospective members prove that they wanted to be apart of the club so badly that they would never tell its secrets, and that they would be an active and contributing member.

Over the years, hazing turned from mere favors (such as delivering requested things on campus, washing member’s cars, baking sweets for members, serenades, etc.) to more intensified requests (buying things for members, doing homework for members, cleaning common rooms of chapter houses, etc.).

Then, eventually, hazing took a dangerous turn when members realized that belittling, embarrassing, and mentally and physically breaking down pledges was an easier way to ensure that only the mentally and physically strongest of the potential new members made it through their recruitment process.

Here is a list of some of the worst hazing cases, viewer discretion is advised:

  • Be Cool: Potential new members are doused with gallons of ice cold water while powerful fans blew cold air on them until they are completely dry, in some cases the potential new member is naked or has to stand on one foot.
  • Cleansing/Purification: Potential new members are forced to drink water through a funnel until they almost drown to death from too much water.
  • Drunk Skinny Dipping: Swimming naked normally in prohibited areas like university fountains or lakes.
  • Washboard Abs: Female potential new members are sat naked on a washing machine and the sisters circled the fat that jiggled, and the pledges had to lose that weight before they became a sister.
  • Porn: Female potential new members are sat on newspapers naked and forced to watch porn, the newspapers are then hung afterward in the house with the pledge’s name on it, and circles around any wetness that transferred to the newspaper as a result of watching the porn.
  • Bobbing: Female potential new members were forced to bob for dildos and bananas in a toilet bowl.
  • Games of car/truck chicken: Two cars/trucks head towards each other with the objection of crashing head on until one person flinches and steers clear of the other car. If nobody chickens out, a head-on collision occurs.
  • Maids: House clean ups after parties, or after members choose to make the house dirty for no reason other than having the potential new members clean up their messes.
  • Pizza: Male potential new members forced to masturbate onto a pizza, the last one to ejaculate was forced to eat the pizza.
  • Sodomize: Male potential new members are forced to wear fairy wings and sodomized with frozen hot dogs.
  • Human Purse: Most potential new members (especially male) have to carry around cigarettes, a tin of dip, a bottle opener, $20, and gum at all times, and will commonly be called to be a designated driver at all hours of the morning.
  • Vomit: Participating in puke slip n’ slides.
  • Drinking: Potential new members forced to drink a handle of alcohol in the stair closet along with a gallon of water.
  • Shots: Potential new members forced to drink shots for every time they could not perfectly recite the organizations motto and creed.
  • Branding: Potential new members forced to endure letter branding. Members take a wire hanger, mold it into the organization’s Greek letters, dip it in fire and burn the molding onto a hidden area of the new member’s skin.
  • Mental: Potential new members forced to endure mental bashing.
  • Physical: Potential new members forced to endure physical battery.
  • Stand Up: Potential new members forced to stand against walls for hours while reciting the organizations creed until every pledge class member could say it perfectly and without hesitation.
  • Liver & Oil: Potential new members forced to swallow raw cow’s liver pieces dipped in oil.
  • Puzzled: Potential new members had to put together a 5,000 piece puzzle of the organization’s colors in the dark with nothing but a strobe light in the basement of the organization’s house.
  • Frosty: Potential new members taken into snow in bathing suits and told to make snowmen that looked like members.
  • Snow Angels: Potential new members taken into snow in bathing suits and told to make snow angels for every member of the organization and decorate the snow angels to fit the member’s personality.
  • Tied to a Tree: Potential new members tied to trees with duct tape and/or plastic wrap naked.
  • Duck Walk: Potential new members were lathered with a sticky substance and stuck with feathers and told to quack around as amusement for the members.
  • Breakfast of Champions: Potential new members were only allowed to eat cereal with whiskey or scotch instead of milk for a weekend.
  • Garbage Men: Potential new members were put into trashcans filled with the organization house’s trash and rolled down a nearby hill.
  • Zzzs: Sleep deprivation


There is also the gray field of team building activities that border the realm of hazing. Often times officers will send groups of new members on bonding experiences; simple things like completing ropes courses and professionally directed programs are not considered hazing, but dropping five guys in the middle of a corn field without cell phones, keys or money and telling them to come back together to the university three hours away is considered hazing, even if members are willing and able to bond together to problem solve the arisen scenario of abandonment.

If you are a victim of hazing or want to anonymously report a case please call 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293), the anti-hazing organization lead by Kappa Alpha Order.

Feel free to leave any additional events that you’re familiar with here in the comments.

This guest post provided by a source who has requested anonymity as they expose one of the most secretive parts of Greek collegiate lifestyle.

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27 Frightening and Disgusting Fraternity and Sorority Hazing Tactics
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18 Responses to “27 Frightening and Disgusting Fraternity and Sorority Hazing Tactics”

  1. Ken says:

    There are plenty of famous people that were in fraternities 17 past presidents, Robert Kraft owner of the Patriots was as well. not every fraternity hazes especially not to this extent. I think more research needs to be done on this by far. I can honestly say my organization never forced me to do anything crazy like this. We would get kicked off campus in seconds. This article should be classified as an opinion piece if not already as you dont present any clear facts for your statements and dont even talk about any positives of joining FSL

  2. Pi Kap says:

    I went though this.
    Plenty of extreme drinking.
    As in a garbage can in the middle of the room for vomit.

    Some goofy dressing, and generally ignoring
    school dressing weird and doing brother stuff
    all week …. and extreme chores.

    but no one jerked off on a pizza! (WTF?)
    at least not together.

    and no anal frozen dogs. C’mon.

  3. Big Ben BAM says:

    I doubt every fraternity or sorority does all of these items on the list. However, I would entertain the thought of every fraternity either does none of this or a mixture of most of this. And this list is leaving out a lot of other hazing “traditions.” Bunch of bullshit, but could be life changing in positives and negative aspects depending on the individual.

    Hell, why not? Could set yourself up for a promising future, or pour your potential down the drain along with your future expected by your loved ones.

    Which leads me to say yet once again.

    Hell, why not?

  4. Katie says:

    Hazing you really can’t understand until you have been through it. I hear people talk badly all the time about the hazing that happens at my school, but when you ask them what specific things they don’t like, they say they don’t actually know what goes on. And that is how most hazing is. Not only is alot of the stuff you hear rumors, but the stuff we do, I find beneficial. Yes, my hell week was literally hell, but it was also the best thing in my life. It makes you realize how strong you actually are and you realize you can do anything you put your mind to. Most importantly, it creates and amazing bond with your pledge sisters. When you compare the sororities at my school that haze and the ones you don’t, the relationships are incredibly different. Those who are hazed have real and very close friendships. I can trust my sisters with my life, every single one of them. That is something that doesn’t happen without the process.
    Also, no one hates the older girls who hazed us. People often think, “How can you be friends with people that would do that to you?” We see it more as, you brought me so much closer to my pledge sisters, so thank you. It might sound insane, but its something you have to experience yourself before you can really understand it.

  5. HazerExtrodinare says:

    haha I’m in a fraternity and this just gave me some great ideas! Thanks. Also, I would love to be present for the “newspaper” game the girls play haha

  6. Tucker says:

    The fact that someone wrote this without the disclaimer that this happens in very few instances baffles me. It is obscene to think that this happens in every Greek chapter. Its always newsworthy to talk about the bad things that are bound to happen, but have you ever even tried to see what the good guys, the MAJORITY, of us do? I’m a leader on my campus BECAUSE of my fraternity holding me up and making me a better person.

    Hazing has been going in a positive direction since the late 1990’s because national headquarters have been cracking down on it. I can say from a personal perspective that NONE of the above ever happened to me. I was never forced to do something I didn’t agree to. I am NOT saying hazing doesn’t exist, but to say that this is what all Greeks do is just obscene. Why don’t you do some research of how much good fraternities and sororities do. I guarantee you’ll find more examples of good than bad. Do your research before to trash the ENTIRE Greek community. Saying that all Greeks are like this is like saying every person in Kansas is a farmer. It’s just not true.

    I belong to a chapter who isn’t the stereotypical “frat.” I belong to a chapter who will correct people when they say “frat” and tell them politely that it’s “fraternity.” I belong to a fraternity that opens doors for the ladies and calls on good men to make them better.

    So please, if you’re going to bash Greek life like this, you need to be putting in the good we do for our communities/cities/states.

  7. Karen G. says:

    As I read these articles, a certain amount of familial expectation and heritage crossed my mind. I’ve had friends who joined these type of organizations because to not do so would hurt their family’s satisfaction and elitist belief that sororities and fraternities “help [one’s] business connections” as well as “help [a woman] find a husband and have the proper Junior League Application.”

    These sororities use the term “legacy.” This term is no ,mistake

  8. James says:

    this is sooo stupid. it is beyond stupidity…why would you join this crap?
    Men and Women are created through the experiences that teach them responsibility, hope, faith, determination, and nobility. Not acts of stupidity that promote physical, sexual, or verbal abuse on both genders. Kids stay in school, join organizations that center on your careers, form healthy long relationships, and most importantly surround yourself with positive good people that will help you grow into a better human being.

  9. John says:

    Most of these are dumb as hell or plain satanic, but some are kind of clever. Like if there wasnt a risk of seizure, the Puzzled one would be kinda of funny. And Breakfast of Champions is truely a breakfast of champions lol. Who wouldnt want Scotch instead of milk

  10. Tiffany says:

    @Jason You are NOT a joke. Find a frat that won’t waste your time in this way.

    Leaders of tomorrow? I think not.

  11. Dan says:

    Leaders my ass, more like unoriginal weak-minded sheep who can’t bear the thought of not being ”accepted”. Aw, poor you, but it’s OK to have your own personality. The rest of us do.

  12. BrazenBowtie says:

    People want to be in these organizations because it leads to success. 17 U.S. Presidents have been Fraternity Men, most of the good ones. After undergoing a semester of pledgeship you get put with a group of liked minded individuals, normally with great family connections, and become brothers for life. Not to mention college life becomes much better with access to all manner of items, from mixers to test banks. If you can’t sack up and go through a semester of getting hazed for that, then they don’t want you anyway.

  13. Chris says:

    Sorry none of you got a bid.

    @Jason you are a joke it this list makes you want to not rush. Man up.

    True leaders join fraternities. Greeks are the leaders of tomorrow. TFM.

  14. Ashaunti says:

    This is crazy…. why would anyone want to part of these crazy organization. It is not that important to me. And these people are crazy for doing this because I would have cussed them out and keep going. That how I feel.

  15. Karissa says:

    Jason, these examples might all be true. However, speaking from the perspective of a sorority president, these are not the norm for most fraternities and sororities. My sorority does not engage in hazing. We are forbidden, as a national organization and as a Greek organization on our campus, to engage in any type of hazing of new members.

    Most college campuses have begun enforcing strict no-hazing rules to protect the mental health of their students and in some more serious instances, to prevent physical injury or death.

    My advice is to seek out a national fraternal organization…that is, if you are still interested in pledging. National organizations usually have a strict code or constitution they are required to follow. Plus, they have to be accountable to the national organization for their actions and the well-being of their members. If you want to know the facts, ask the members, Greek advisors on campus, or other college administrators/professors who are involved with Greek life.

    Hope this helps in your decision!

  16. Kelsey says:

    I was in a sorority for a year and was never hazed. However, my male friends who rushed were hazed, but not harshly. I think it depends on the group, and also the school you are attending. Some schools have VERY strict anti-hazing policies. It’s dumb and I don’t understand why anyone who was hazed would still want to be part of that group.

  17. brianc says:

    Gross! Who would want to be a member of such an organization?!? This is why I choose not to associate with anyone under 25 years old.

  18. Jason says:

    Wow – very cool list, this changes my decision to rush a frat. Why in the hell would anyone put up with that crap! Is all of this true?

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