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Home SchoolDid you know that there are about 125,000 schools across America? And not included in that count are home school programs offered online.

Here is a list of some of the country’s most reputable home school programs:

1. Laurel Springs is an accredited private distance learning school that was established more than 25 years ago to provide resources for home school families. They also have tutoring programs and tailored curricula for families living abroad.

2. iQ Academy offers a standards-based curriculum backed by supportive teachers, guidance counselors, staff and a learning coach.

3. K12 offers an individualized approach emphasizing students mastery of core concepts while offering more than 700 subject lessons, online seminars, training sessions, a mentorship program and parental community forums.

4. Keystone National High School is an accredited distance learning school, operating for more than 30 years offering independent study curricula for more than 60 different subject areas. They also offer online or correspondence submission for assignments and certified teacher support. Students may enroll simply in a single course or earn a full Keystone High School diploma.

5. Progress Academy was founded by a homeschooling family and offers kindergarten through high school interactive, online comprehensive curricula written by certified teachers. The school also works closely with its partners McGraw-Hill, Glencoe, and BrainPop.

6. Time4Learning offers online pre-kindergarten through 8th grade curriculum and includes thousands of lessons that are time-stamped to account for attendance and printable worksheets. They have graded activities for language arts, social studies, science, math and algebra.

7. Texas Tech University has accredited home school programs for elementary school, middle school and for those students who want to earn a high school diploma.

8. Verticy Learning is a home school program specifically designed for students with language-based learning difficulties.

9. WiloStar3D Academy is an accredited program for grades 4-12 that uses 3D virtual reality within their curriculum. Reportedly the programs are ideal for creative and gifted students and students with special needs.

10. International Virtual Learning Academy is a year-round twelve-month accredited school for grades 3 through 12 that offers standard and college prep diplomas.

These are just a few of the options out there for home schooling or families living abroad who would like to offer their children an American education.

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  1. Martine' Montalmand says:

    I think whether your child is successful with online learning really has to do with the learning style of the student and the parent’s qualifications. I don’t agree with a child being in front of a computer for five hours a day. How about being creative in your homeschool environment by including breaks that would include hands on art projects, science projects, outside play, field trips, etc. You can construct a schedule that includes not only learning on a computer. I used to be a teacher and currently dissatisfied with the substandard education my children are getting from public school education. I have made the conscious decision this year to try homeschooling due to my dissatisfaction. I am very much capable of teaching my children but because I used to be a teacher this is my advantage. Other parents that may not have the skills I have will definitely be challenged.

  2. James says:

    An alternative to homeschooling and traditional schools are hybrid institutions, such as Odyssey Charter Schools in Las Vegas, that bring the best of both in-class and virtual instruction.

    Odyssey Charter Schools offers an alternative learning experience for students that want to do the majority of their learning at home but also be involved in a classroom setting once a week. Odyssey combines in-person instruction with a highly interactive internet-based curriculum.

    The student body largely comprises of students who travel often, have interests or needs that demand a more open schedule, and students with special learning requirements.

  3. Online Elementary School says:

    I currently have seriously been thinking of homeschooling my child, and the programs that are in this post seem very trustworthy and leaves me feeling confidant that I am doing the right thing!

  4. Houston says:

    Actually, families have several options when it comes to K12.

    First, homeschool families can purchase individual courses or a complete curriculum for their homeschool needs.

    Second, families can enroll in our accredited, worldwide, private online academy — the K12 International Academy. In doing so, they are provided with teacher and academic support along with clubs, virtual field trips and other educational offerings.

    Either way, families utilize the award-winning K12 curriculum.

  5. Kerry says:

    Our family has used Time4Learning homeschool curriculum for three years now, and it has been the best decision we ever made!! The lesson planning, record-keeping, and assessments are all done for you…all you have to focus on is enjoying the learning!!

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