10 Most Popular College Drinking Games

betty white beer pongIn a world where drinking is common and prevalent, parents might be relieved to find that college student drinking week after week has started to bore some students. Rather than pick up another hobby to occupy their past times, students have embraced, developed and created drinking games. These drinking games are so innovative that you could also use them as good dares to tell your friend.

Here is a list of some of the most popular ones:

  • Beer Pong: 4 players per game acquire a pitcher of beer or alcohol and a long table with 12 classic drinking game red plastic cups that are set up on at the end of the table on either side in a triangle formation (similar to bowling pins). Each player tries to toss a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cup and if they get it in, the other team must remove that cup, drink its contents, and the game is over when one team’s cups are completely gone and drank. When a player gets a ball into a cup, they get to shoot again until they miss. Beer pong is the most popular game on campuses.
  • Beer Roulette: Similar to Russian roulette, someone gets a beer for every player of the game. They shake one of the beers up and then mixes up the cans or bottles so none of the players know which can was shaken. Once the beers are distributed everyone opens their beers facing their faces. If a player gets sprayed from the shaken beer, they are eliminated from the game, play continues until only one person remains dry at the end and is announced as the winner.
  • Buffalo Club: Players cannot hold an alcoholic drink in their left hand, if someone calls out “Buffalo Club” when a player is holding a drink in their right hand the player must drink the entire contents of the cup with their right hand. Once someone gets called out and they finish their drink the game switches to the left hand, and so on, to cause greater confusion.
  • Edward 40 Hands: Players duck tape 40-ounce malt liquor cans to their hands, and they cannot use their hands to do normal activities (use the restroom, text message on their cell phones, eat, etc.) until the cans are empty.
  • Flip Cup: Acquire a pitcher of beer or hunch punch and a table that is long enough for two teams of equal numbers to stand side by side and face off to the opposing team. Distribute a couple shots of beer or hunch punch to each player in a classic drinking game red plastic cup. With their cup in hand the first player of each team chugs their cup contents and races to flip the cup using their index and middle from the upside down position to the right-side up position. When one player successfully flips their cup, the chain continues down the team line until the final team member has flipped their cup, winning the game for their team.king playing cards
  • King’s Cup/Circle of Death: Acquire a deck of cards. Each player draws a card and based on the number or letter on the card they (and sometimes the whole group) have to perform an action or participate in an activity. Here are the rules for each card: Ace: Rule, player who draws and ace gets to make up their own rule until another ace is drawn. 2: You, you choose someone to drink. 3: Me, you drink. 4: Bores: the person with the most alcohol left in the circle drinks. 5: Never have I ever: each player holds up 5 fingers and take turns going counter-clockwise saying different things they have never done. If any of the players in the circle has done the stated action they must put a finger down and the first person to put down all 5 fingers drinks. 6: Chicks, all girls in the circle drink. 7: Heaven: everyone points to the ceiling, last person to point has to drink. 8: Mate: Player picks a person to be their “drinking mate” and every time they are forced to drink their mate must drink too 9: Rhyme, starting with the card drawer, players take turns clockwise rhyming a word, if a person stutters or cannot come up with a rhyme that person has to drink. 10: Hand jive: The player who drew the card makes a gesture, continuing clockwise each player must repeat the prior person’s gesture and add their own until someone forgets the person priors gesture and then must drink. Jack: Categories: drawing player chooses a category and players take turn going around the circle stating different things that fall within that category, until someone stutters or repeats something someone has already said and then must drink. (i.e. colors: red, yellow, cyan etc.) Queen: Questions: Truth or dare, player must opt for a truth or dare from the group, or to drink. King: Kingdom, card drawer gets a pass at his turn but must hold onto the king card, when the 4th king card is drawn the prior 3 king card drawers give their remaining cup contents to the 4th drawer to consume, and the game is over.
  • Power Hour: Pour out 60, 1.5-ounce shots of beer, per player, per round. Create a soundtrack or video in advance set to change to a different a song or video every 59 seconds when played. Every minute each player must take a shot of beer when the song or video changes. This may sound easy, until players realize that the combination of the quick pace and 90-ounces of beer will test even the greatest drinker’s endurance.quarter
  • Quarters: Players sit down at a table and take turns trying to bounce quarters into shot glasses or cups. Every time they miss getting a quarter into their goal, they take a sip, and for every time they get their quarter into someone else’s goal that other person has to take a sip.
  • Sinking Ship: Acquire a large quantity of beer, a pint glass and normal shot glass for every play and a bottle of your choice of hard alcohol. Pour beer into the pint glass until it is half full, then carefully float a shot glass into the pint. Each player takes a turn pouring a little splash of alcohol into the shot glass until the shot glass submerges into the beer completely. Whoever was the last person to add their splash of alcohol has to drink the contents of the pint.
  • Sloshball/Dizzy Bat: Pour beer or hunch punch into a hollow plastic kids baseball toy bat, the first player up to bat chugs the bat’s contents then puts the bat down and spins around 3 times with the bat pressed to their forehead. The pitcher pitches them a wiffle ball and the game continues like baseball.

Please drink responsibly when you are 21 years of age or older.

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