3 Teenagers Dead After Being on a Facebook Hit List

crime sceneThe town of Puerto Asis in southwest Columbia is on high alert after three teenagers have been murdered in the last 10 days after their names appeared on a kill list, along with 66 others, that was posted on the social networking website, Facebook.

While the Colombian police are investigating the murders, it is unclear as to who posted the list on Facebook, how the victims are related to one another or why they were selected for the list.

Two of the murders occurred on August 15, 2010, which was just two days before the original list of only 38 names appeared on Facebook. The list also warned the town that the people on the list had three days to vacate Puerto Asis.

Following those murders, 31 names were added to the list, and a third victim was murdered on August 20, 2010.

A fourth male victim on the list was also wounded but managed to escape his attackers.

Violence is heavily prevalent in Puerto Asis, which is home to the criminal gang, Los Rastrojos, and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a Marxist guerrilla organization. In this case, the use of Facebook to threaten the town and the victims, the secrecy of the party responsible, and the purpose of the kill list posting, however, does make the case unusual.

There is a 5 million pesos reward (about $2,750) for any information pertaining to the list or murders themselves.

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