Are Pledges Being Pushed to Alcohol Poisoning by Sororities?

Almetris Duren Hall Dormitory

Almetris Duren Hall Dormitory

It’s not unusual for colleges for freshmen to drink too much in the first few weeks at college, but is pledging leading students to drink dangerously? This week, two young women at the University of Texas were hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after a sorority pledging event.

One girl was found foaming at the mouth in the shower by her roommate. The other was discovered unconscious on the bathroom floor of the Almetris Duren Hall dorm. Both girls were hospitalized. “When freshmen get here, they kind of go a little crazy and you often times find people passed out or stumbling drunk,” said one University of Texas senior.

The incidents have provoked the university to instigate an investigation of alcohol poisoning among students. The name of the sorority has not been released to protect the girls’ identities, and it is unclear if the dangerous drinking was the result of hazing or the consequences of binge drinking.


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  1. Nancyb says:

    Hopefully the UT administration will remind sororities that this level of partying is a stupid and dangerous value to promulgate. Talk about uncool…pretty girl, foaming at the mouth. Beautiful image.

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