Community Colleges Train the Green-Technology Managers of the Future

green-degrees-community-collegesGreen energy and eco-friendly jobs are an area that’s looking up in this tough economy. Not only will this growing sector need researchers and engineers, it will also need informed business managers that understand the needs of the market. Educational institutes, particularly community colleges, are seeking to fill this void by creating training programs specifically to create environmental management professionals.

Lane Community College in Oregon already offers two-year programs in renewable energy, water conservation and energy management. Lane is a forerunner in eco-managment, and its programs are serving as models for ten other community colleges nation-wide. Graduates of the program are finding work on a wide range of projects. “They are working for utilities, on engineering jobs, for school districts, cities and the military,” said Robert Ebbage, director of energy programs the college.

Because the field is fairly new, sustainability degrees are taking different forms. At Delaware Technical and Community College, students can study energy management in addition to training to become “green power” technicians. Over twenty colleges are offering four-year degrees related to energy efficiency and green studies. There are also a variety of certificate programs and non-degree training courses.

Via The New York Times.

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