Free CourseSmart iPad App Helps You Find eTextbooks

CourseSmart-etextbooksCourseSmart is making it easier for you to find and use their e-textbooks on your iPad. They’re now offering an updated version of their free “eTextbooks” app. Not only does the app make it easy to find and purchase digital textbooks, it also has a virtual bookshelf where users can see the books they own and easily access them. It also has a sticky note feature, so students can take notes as they read.

Perhaps most importantly, the eTextbooks app has new navigation within the texts.  Students can use thumbnails of pages to quickly find what they need, avoiding the pain of scrolling though pages. CourseSmart says it gives students access to over 90 percent of all textbooks in use today, with download times of no more than five minutes to both computers and hand-held devices. Storing and using digital textbooks on a iPad or similar devices overcomes the inconvenience of having the book stored on a more unwieldy computer.

CourseSmart is also testing a service that will integrate e-textbooks with a course management program. The pilot program, called “Faculty Instant Access Program”  is on 10 university campuses.

Download the eTextbook app here or visit the CourseSmart website.

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7 Responses to “Free CourseSmart iPad App Helps You Find eTextbooks”

  1. Jenny says:

    I read an article here,
    I think they say well,
    It is reported that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said at the annual shareholder meeting, its Kindle e-book reading will focus on the future launch of the new Kindle will not imitate the apple iPad.

    Jeff Bezos also specifically made for this metaphor, he is a dedicated camera as Kindle, the iPad is the mobile phone’s camera. Although the functions of mobile phones is very powerful, but it is not the best camera, so Apple iPad is not the best reader.

    He said: “Kinlde will focus more of its functions and the reader to use LCD screen Apple iPad products such as competition, serious readers still like to read more prominent kinetic energy products, because reading is that they value most.”

    In Bezos seems that the disadvantages of LCD battery life is short, visual fatigue caused by long-term view, bright light is not conducive to reading. However, the advantage of LCD is that it can provide a rich color display.

    When asked whether the introduction of color electronic paper copy when the Kindle, Bezos that the color electronic paper technology was not mature, but also a longer time to develop.

  2. nancyb says:

    I may just give this to all the high school graduates in my life…..

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