Playboy Bunny Poses in UCF Locker Room [Suggestive Video]

Shanna McLaughlin at UCFAs a graduate of the University of Central Florida, I heard first hand about the controversial Playboy bunny photo shoot on campus.

When business administration student Shanna Marie McLaughlin, Playboy’s Miss July 2010, was shot in the UCF football team’s locker room for her aXis Magazine cover spread it was a dream come true for teenage boys dreaming of naked Playboy bunnies posing in their locker room, and it was a nightmare for the university’s public image.

UCF officials have released an apology to fans, students and parents for the incident.

“An employee without proper authorization allowed access to our football locker room. By the time the video of the shoot was brought to our attention, it had already made its rounds via the internet,” UCF Associate Athletic Director Joe Hornstein’s told the Orlando Sentinel.

Video After the Jump

“Let me make this clear, UCF does not condone the photos and the video. We have spoken to the employee in question and we will speak to our entire staff to make sure that this does not happen again. To any fans who were offended by this, we sincerely apologize,” Hornstein added.

McLaughlin claims, according to reports, the photoshoot was approved by the head football coach, George O’Leary, but O’Leary begs to differ.

According to O’Leary he only gave the permission to the photographers when the crew told him it was a college-friendly magazine and he claims he was not informed that the shoot would be so suggestive.

In response to the backlash from videos of the shoot that have surfaced, McLaughlin said, “I think they need to get over it a little bit and just recognize that it’s great publicity for the school and for the football team,” in an interview on Real Radio 104.1 FM.

The video shows McLaughlin wearing UCF and Knights logos on a T-shirt and her underwear in the locker room holding a Knights football helmet.

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  1. Beverly Hills Tummy tuck says:

    Very interesting. Well at least the school is getting publicity. Weather it be good or bad at least UCF is making a name for itself

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