School Bus Crash Injures 50 People in Missouri [UPDATED]


UPDATE: The driver of a pickup truck and a high school girl were killed in the accident. Authorities say the pickup truck slammed into the back of the semi as it slowed near a construction zone. Neither of the two school buses were able to stop in time to avoid the collision.

The students in the buses were members of the John F. Hodge High band, and were on a field trip to Six Flags amusement park. (8/5/10 3:55)

Two school buses crashed on a Missouri interstate I-44 near St. Louis this morning at 10:15. Fifty people have been injured and two people have been killed. The accident involved the two buses and a semi trailer and a pick up truck. The first bus ended up on top of the truck’s trailer and the second bus seems to have rear-ended the first.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said that they are helping the Missouri State Highway Patrol respond the to the incident. Emergency staff has set up a staging area not far from the site to help treat the injured immediately.

Forty-six children have been transported to a nearby hospital. “Our understanding is that there are no serious injuries,” said Ashley Wiehle, spokeswoman for SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center, said regarding the expected patients. The children are being brought in as a precaution, she said.

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8 Responses to “School Bus Crash Injures 50 People in Missouri [UPDATED]”

  1. PCB says:

    Volvo and Mercedes automatic braking systems are very capable and do not replace driver control of the vehicle. When Mercedes invented and introduced stability control systems a few years ago the reduction in single vehicle fatalities and collisions was amazing surprising even the Mercedes safety engineers and designers who invented them. The US Department of Transportation now requires all cars to have stability control systems as of the 2012 model year. I expect the radar controlled automatic braking system to have the same result.
    Depending on human drivers to always do the “right thing” is pure folly resulting in more American road deaths than every war Americans have fought in!

  2. bre says:

    I am a driver and i feel an auto braking system could cause more accidents than you know.
    Think if you were driving along and suddenly your brakes applied.
    You would not be ready for the swing in direction that could cause.
    What if a big dog or cow steps out in front of you .or a big piece of cardboard flies out in front of you and the brakes apply
    Your first reaction is to miss it ( we are trained not to do that)
    I prefer to apply my brakes on my own!!
    the result of automatic brakes could be
    1 dog dead on the hi way because i chose to run it over to save the kids
    or 50 students dead on a bus because i was not ready for the brakes action
    Which would you chose to kill?

  3. bre says:

    I am a school bus driver. I believe these tragedies could be avoided with better a defensive driving course.
    I feel for the family’s of these children. And hope this never happens again.
    I was trained by a very good driver. We are trained to follow another bus at a football fields length to avoid this kind of thing.
    No that is not a law , but wish they would make this a question on a drivers test.
    Remember stay back watch the traffic flow many cars ahead of you and dont let this happen to you!

  4. nancy b says:

    I hope that substance abuse or texting doesn’t turn out to be the culprit here.

  5. Ashley says:

    I feel so so sorry for those families. Do buses have seat belts?

  6. PCB says:

    My questions are these “Were either of the school buses equipped with seat
    belts? and would Volvo’s automatic braking/crash avoidance system have prevented this tragedy”?

  7. Forex says:

    Oh my, I was reading an article when this tragedy first happened and confirmed (2) deaths but did not specify who the (2) were who passed. I’m just in disbelieve that two souls have passed. Rest in piece.
    For drivers out there: ALWAYS be cautious! You put not only your life in risk, but every person’s life on the road, and this story is proof.

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