What to Wear to Fraternity Rush

With fall fraternity rush and back to school shopping approaching, many guys are wondering what to wear during the recruitment process.

Here are some tips I have found to hold tried and true through out the years:

What to wear to fraternity recruitment

What TO wear to fraternity rush

Begin by looking at your school’s Greek Life website website, because sometimes the days of rush will be listed as formal, semi-formal, casual, etc. Be sure to wear comfortable outfits, you will need all of your internal confidence, and sometimes it is hard to feel self-assured on the inside when you’re uncomfortable on the outside.

Try to subtly stand out from the crowd. Choose a memorable hat or interesting colored shirt, it will make the members remember you better because sometimes there are so many guys that some get lost in the bunch. Members tend to remember “the guy with the fedora and aviators” over another guy in an American Eagle polo. Don’t over-do your outfit though, you also want to appear to blend well into their organization.

Sneakers are appropriate for causal days but if you have boat shoes, or loafers, they might be a better option for the more formal nights. Ensure that you can walk comfortably, as you might be walking from house to house in them, and that they are appropriate for your outfit.

Present yourself in an appropriate manner. A clean shave, un-wrinkled clothing, and styled hair shows that you’ve made an effort to appear polished. Some nights might require a tie, be sure to have one tucked in a pocket incase you need to add one at the last minute.

I would refrain from wearing cologne (just a soft pleasant scent), sleeveless muscle shirts, sports team logo T-shirts (hats are fine), overly preppy outfits (fraternities are not as preppy as they are stereotyped to be), old sweatshirts, sweatpants, loud prints, etc.

What NOT to wear to fraternity recruitment

What NOT to wear to fraternity rush

Some great brands to start shopping in would be Abercrombie & Fitch, JCrew, Pac Sun, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Express and Forever 21.

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  1. Southern Fratter says:

    This is preposterous. Everyone of those pictures for “What TO wear to rush” is clearly a GDI. And boat shoes aren’t formal. They are casual, everyday shoes. Sneakers are never appropriate. And the styled hair comment is only true if by “styled hair” you mean “frat shag”. Hair products are for GDI’s. And yes, the good fraternities are preppy as hell.

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