White Supremacist Runs for School Board Seat Unchallenged

Image via Dan Schruender

Image via Dan Schruender

Dan Schruender was set to win a seat on California’s Rialto School Board. He did not gain much support in the district, in fact some called for him to pull out of the election. But he went unopposed.

Not only is Schruender a white supremacist, he is a former president of the California chapter of Aryan Nations and continues to be involved in the organization as the director of Publications and Information. In case it’s unclear how Schuender’s participation in the neo-Nazi organization really informs his opinions, his blog, “National Socialist American Labor Party Propaganda and Publications” is chock-full of racist propaganda. These messages, like one that implies that white women and girls are in danger of being murdered in “Obama’s America,” are even more disturbing in light of the fact that the Rialto school district is 75 percent Hispanic and 15 percent black. What kind of policies would he promote for a population he considers to be 90 percent opponents?

Happily, six candidates joined the school board race after the news about  Schruender’s political position became public. The story is a potent reminder of how important local elections really are, although they often involve few candidates and have low voter turn-out. The school board does have an impact on the future, even for those who don’t have have elementary-age children.

Via Change.org.

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  1. ellen says:

    You are absolutely right; low voter interest/turnout can be horribly costly. What a travesty for this school district.

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