How the CEO of Xerox Thinks We Can Improve US Education

ursula-burnsUrsula Burns, CEO of Xerox, addressed the question of education reform in a speech at the Detroit Economic Club this week. She said that schools need to focus on effectively teaching math and science, in order to make the US economy competitive on a global scale. She pointed out that 150,000 engineering jobs with salaries over $60,000 went unfilled two years ago, due to the lack of qualified applicants.

She decried the amount of money that is donated to educational institutes every year, yet results are still poor. “If you ran a business that invested a billion dollars with so little progress, you’d shut it down,” Burns said. She also said that young people need better mentors, who would be able to direct students towards careers that are not only interesting, but also needed and lucrative.

Burns herself is an inspiring role model. She grew up in the projects of New York, but her mother was determined that her children would have a brighter future. Burns earned engineering degrees from New York University and Columbia University. She is the first black woman to head a Fortune 500 company.

The CEO is currently working with President Barack Obama on the Educate to Innovate program, which aims to improve science and math education in the US. “This is a multi, multi, multi-year problem,” said Burns. “It takes a lot longer to grow an engineer than it does to get elected.”

Via The Detroit News.

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4 Responses to “How the CEO of Xerox Thinks We Can Improve US Education”

  1. ree says:

    Maybe our schools (particularly colleges) should cut back on the fancy sports programs and concentrate on what they’re supposed to be doing…providing an education for the next generation. Multi-million dollar facilities used for only a few student athletes (horrible phrase) are a waste when we are not producing the skills we need to maintain our position in the world.

  2. Erika B. says:

    I have been paying close attention to the programs I have been watching on television, and it seems as if I myself am living the movie “Idiocracy”. It is so scary how dumb society has actually become. I believe we coddle and allow mediocracy. As a society we have become too politically correct, too passive, and unwilling to work hard (for the most part). I am so glad that you pointed out how lazy our education system has become. I don’t believe that creating longer school days will improve this. The only way Americans will become harder working, and capable is if we go back to the way it used to be. The days when there weren’t free rides, and Gov’t handouts.

  3. brianc says:

    I agree! This is so critical!

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