Number Sense is a Fun Way for Kindergartners to Learn About Counting

number-sense-ipad-appLooking for a good way to keep your kids entertained and learn something while they’re at it? The Number Sense app for iPad by Mathomatix fits the bill perfectly. The app features five games to help kindergarteners learn about numbers. The five games are “Do the Dotty,” “Numbrella,” “Booster Balls,” “Fishoonka” and “Toot Toot Train.”

“Do the Dotty” is a connect-the-dots game that teaches children how to count and identify numbers. This game also require a pretty high level of hand-eye coordination, a skill children growing up in the touch-screen may benefit from, but is also at times frustrating when the game doesn’t respond. “Fishoonka” gets kids to learn about the concepts of “greater than,” “lesser than” and “equal to” in an underwater setting. The “Toot Toot Train” game deploys basic principals of addition and subtraction. “Numberella” is another game that involves identifying the values of numbers, and “Booster Balls” is a counting game that involves friendly monsters. The games all feature appealing and colorful graphics.

The iPhone version of Number Sense was endorsed by Apple on its “New and Noteworthy” page. The iPad version has been redesigned not only for the larger screen, but also based on feedback from kids, parents and teachers.

Download the Number Sense iPad App here.

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  1. Blanche says:

    I’m going to explore this App for the kids I tutor. Thanks!

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