Study for Geometry Class with the Geometry Stash iPhone App

geometry-stash-viewAre you taking or teaching a geometry class? Then you’ll want to check out the Geometry Stash iPhone App created by Apparent Etch, a useful quick-reference tool for iPhone. The app is a dictionary of geometry postulates and theorems, and each is illustrated with a diagram. Users can find terms by using a search, or scroll through the definitions alphabetically.

Geometry Stash has an additional feature that turns it into a teaching tool. Users can connect their iPhones to an external display with a VGA adapter and project the diagrams onto a bigger screen. This feature would be great in a class room or for a group study session.

While the app may not necessarily help students memorize postulates and theorems, it can definitely make working on proofs for homework a snap. Instead of flipping through the chapters of your textbook or searching the index, you have all the definitions you need at your finger tips. There’s also an iPad version of the app available.

Get the Geometry Stash iPhone App here!

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2 Responses to “Study for Geometry Class with the Geometry Stash iPhone App”

  1. Geometry Stash says:

    Version 2 of Geometry Stash has been released on the App Store. It allows students and teachers to create custom slides and distribute to multiple devices for collaborative study or classroom activities.

    • Custom slide creation: Write your own slides through drawing commands in JSON, a lightweight data-interchange format. Edit on your device, computer, anywhere.

    • iCloud Drive: Access created slides on all your devices. Write on the computer and view on the go.

    • Portability: Export slides as JSON, Image file, or Text.

    • Guided Access: Limit editing slide functionality to keep learners on track.

    • Bulk Import: Distribute multiple custom slides using a single bulk import file. Ideal for educators and administrators!

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