What's Your Bachelor's Degree Worth?

degree worthYou probably thought that earning a bachelor’s degree meant making more money. But with the current challenging job market, recent graduates aren’t receiving the starting salaries that they probably expected.

But there’s still hope on the horizon. Although starting salaries had been on a downhill slope, they are starting to stabilize.

2010 graduates’ average starting salary is $48,288, according to a survey organized by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, also known as NACE. While that’s 0.7 percent down from last year’s average starting salary, Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director, said that the decline appears to be leveling off.

“In terms of starting salaries, this is the most encouraging news we’ve had since the market started tumbling in fall 2008,” she said.

With that said, certain college majors earn more money than others. Here are some degrees that are more lucrative than others:

• Starting salary in petroleum engineering is $86,220.
• Starting salary in computer science is $61,205
• Starting salary in electronics and communications engineering is $59,074
• Starting salary in information sciences & systems is $54,038

Here are some degrees with low starting salaries:

• Starting salary in psychology is $32,260
• Starting salary in English is $35,946
• Starting salary in sociology is $35,357
• Starting salary in history is $38,731

As a whole, business majors’ starting salaries remain unchanged from 2009. While economics majors jumped the trend, with a 4.2 percent increase, or an average starting salary of $51,698, accounting, business administration and marketing majors all had declines in starting salaries.

Via CNN Money and Darwin’s Finance

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