Yale to Open College in Singapore

yale-logoOn Monday, Yale University announced its plans to create a liberal arts college in Singapore. The Yale National University of Singapore will be funded entirely by the Singaporean government, and will adopt Yale’s residential college format.

The new college should open its doors to about 1,000 students in the year 2013, reports The New York Times. Yale will be responsible for vetting and hiring 100 professors to teach courses. If Yale chooses to continue the partnership, it would control half the board seats. The university hopes to set a new precedent for higher education in Asia.

“By collaborating in the development of an entirely new liberal arts curriculum for an emergent Asia,” the prospectus said, “Yale could influence the course of 21st-century education as profoundly as it influenced education in the 19th century.”

A Yale diploma will not be conferred upon students graduating from the new university, but will receive diplomas from the National University of Singapore. However, the program is envisioned as highly selective, and will only accept top students.

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  1. PCB says:

    Here is a hint (why there will not be very many drugs used on this campus).
    What do the red letters says on the landing card that you fill out when you arrive in Singapore?

  2. PCB says:

    Wow. There won’t to very many drugs used in this school. Try to guess?

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