Bisexual NYC Teens Engaging in Risky Sexual Behavior

couple with flowersA Youth Risk Behavior Survey done in high schools in 2005 and 2007 within the New York City area shows that sexually active teens are engaging in risky sexual behavior. Students that report having sexual partners of both sexes have higher rates of violence, forced sexual behavior and risky sexual behavior.

Over 17,000 public health surveys were analyzed and the findings showed that over a third of the teens that were surveyed identified themselves as straight although they had experienced same sex sexual encounters. This study has shown that having sexual partners of both sexes increases risk of associated dangers. Of the girls with both male and female partners, 35.8 percent stated they had experienced dating violence during the previous year. Of the males with both male and female sexual partners, 34.8 percent stated they experienced dating violence during the previous year.

Violence isn’t the only problem or risk factor that teens are dealing with; students are also neglecting to protect themselves during these sexual encounters. Having unprotected sex is dangerous and can expose teens to life threatening diseases. Only 79.8 percent of males with only female sexual partners are using condoms, and only 62.3 percent of males with same-sex partners use them. Of the males that reported having partners of both sexes, only 44.1 percent reported using a condom on their last sexual encounter.

Experts actually don’t find these results surprising. Some blame the lack of support from both peers and parents when it comes to having sexual partners of both sexes. This lack of support can send teens into a depressed state. These feelings may cause teens to exhibit riskier sexual behavior which can expose them to sexually transmitted diseases, violence and other risky behaviors.

Taken from the Associated Press

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