Dr. Phil Launches Anti-Bullying Movement [VIDEO]

Dr-Phil-congressDr. Phil has long been a proponent of taking action against cyber bullies, but now he’s gaining more momentum for his anti-bullying campaign. In June, Dr. Phil went before congress, urging the inclusion of anti-bullying measures in changes being made to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, also known as No Child Left Behind. Dr. Phil is one of many celebrities who have raised an outcry over the recent suicides of gay teens.

Dr. Phil has addressed the issue of bullying on his show, and now he’s launching an “Anti-Bully Movement” with series of pledges. “We’re talking about a call to action for students, parents, teachers, coaches, school administrators, anyone who comes in contact with children that are subject to being bullied,” he says on his website. “We’ve got to keep our children safe at school and that includes keeping them safe from each other. Bullying is more serious than ever. Kids are taking their own lives as a result and even when they don’t, the emotional scars, the damage to their self-esteem can be devastating.”

There are separate pledges for students, parents and school faulty members. You can join Dr. Phil’s battle against bullying by signing the pledge here.

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9 Responses to “Dr. Phil Launches Anti-Bullying Movement [VIDEO]”

  1. gwendolyn Wright says:

    I am a concerned and involved grandparent at my grandchildren’s school. Grandparent’s involvement is encouraged at the school. My grandchildren have experienced being bullied. In Florida, anti-bullying and anti-racism policies are mandated at public schools because they receive federal funds, whereas, private schools are not mandated to include these policies. Some private schools do have these policies.

    My grandchildren attend private school but their school does not include these policies. I know that attending private school is a personal choice, but as tax payers who continue to support the safety and well being of children who attend public schools, in my opinion should have the same protection. I have taken your pledge and intend to share it with the school administrator. I believe that all children should have a safe and protected environment to thrive in academically whether they attend public or private schools. I have written my congressman with this concern and would like feedback from you regarding how I should get this started at the school and what further action I should take. I need help and direction. Families are leaving the school because of bullying and I’m sure other reasons that I may not be aware of. Bullying should not be one of the reasons to leave if we as parents and grandparents make a concerted effort to educate ourselves and our children. Please help.

  2. D. Ehrlich says:

    To answer your question about does the neighbor threaten me?
    Yes, my daughter is threatened and i have already tried to apologize.
    We have actually been in Christian couseling and have taken every biblical route that we could to move forward.
    As far as mentioning a name, a 40 year old against a 10 Uear old? Is that fair?
    You should not call anyone a name like mentally ill unless you can say it out loud.
    tThis neighbor, has had Cps at their home… Another neighbor has witnessed abuse daily.
    For the record, this was a personal email sent to a producer who knows how it landed here for the whole world to see, but legal issues are not a concern…
    If anything we have the right to press charges, but chose not to.
    Again, counseling by a christian counselor. The bible says to forgive, but it also gives us a right to take the legal route if all else fails.
    Doesn’t romans 12 talk about judging others.
    Isn’t that what you just did?
    We are all aloud to interpert the gosspil in our own way.
    Kids do not have the brain development to understand nor comprehend like an adult does.
    For the record.. I thought satan was red with horns!

    Satan, to a 10 year old I imagine her vocabulary is limited and thus percetion is evil as mine was when I was young and told about adam and eve talking to a snake… Ewww.. A 10 uear old would think. Yes evil lingers everywhere and takes various forms. Look at the child’s perception though..
    Our dog is dead… Yes we live in a very small subdivision, 23 homes .. One way in one way out. Two caldasacs, no street parking and lots of kids.
    We have an electric fence, he was so smart , he knew when his collar died.
    He never ran in front of cars, but chased them. You would have to swerve to hit him.
    I am close to the entrance and everyone should be going slow because of the kids….
    How do you know what God put me on earth to do? Are you God?
    No.. I have given so much to our lord, but he also has a purpose for everyone.
    I know how to forgive. I know that God is woth is. Until you actually experience your, child in emotional pain or worse yet a bullycide victim, you can not understand the depths.
    This is an epidemic sweeping our nation.. It needs attention. I might not be able to stop bullying, but I sure can help raise awareness.

  3. Don Shaffer says:

    I have a couple of comments here.

    First, good for you for standing up against bullying. Unfortunately, a bully learns his/her actions from their parents. When the parents are not there to raise the child properly the bully pushes the envelope as far as they can. Unless the parent of the bully is involved there is usually no improvement.

    Next, I have a very serious concern about you and your neighbor. First, you print his name for everyone in the world to see instead of just mentioning that he is your neighbor. I think you could possibly see some legal problems from this. What actions did your neighbor take that you see as bullying? Has he threatened you or your child? Does his child threaten your child? Just because his child disagreed with your daughter, hung up on her, and said a song she wrote is mean, does that make her a bully?

    You also stated that the neighbor sped up intentionally and tried to hit your dog. Are you sure about that? Was your dog in the street when that happened? Does he usually speed up to get to his home or does he always decellerate when entering your area? Is your home in an sub-division or downtown? Most clustered mailboxes are in upscale sub-divisions. If so, is this neighbor hated by the rest of the sub-division home owners as well? Does he have a dog or does he hate animals? Has he ever expressed to you or anyone in the community his desire to hurt another animal?

    Finally, you commented that your daughter said this person looked like satan. That is a very strong comment to make and is rather interesting. Do you know what satan looks like? I am assuming you claim to be a Christian and being a Christian you also know that satan can assume a very pleasing look. He obviously looked very good to Eve when he deceived her.

    Finally, being a Christian I would like to also remind you that God did not put you on this earth to stop bullying. As Paul wrote in Romans, God put you on this earth to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all. Jesus has commanded you to forgive all that sin against you just as Jesus has forgiven you of your sins. It appears to me that you have not forgiven your neighbor for whatever he may have done to you and that is a sin on your part. I would strongly encourage you to walk over to your neighbor’s home and offer an apology for your actions. You might be very surprised to find him offering the same apology which will end this battle and will provide a path to healing much greater than any social engineering program a school or government can design. While you may never be best friends both families will learn to forgive and that is probably the most important thing your kids will ever learn.

  4. Dawndi Ehrlich says:

    see my email must of impacted enough to be published on the page.
    I hope it helps parents realize that they are responsible to educate their children about bullying.
    Since this letter, I have been asked to join the Anti Bullying committee for our school district. I am now the Parent Leader. I have done extensive research about bullying, as you can imagine. My Leader and myself had the job of making a brochure to educate parents about bullying. In this process I sent a few of the principals I know a copy of our rough draft and made an appointment with our High School principal to meet him, since this is his first year, and get his honest opinion about the brochure and let us know what he thinks needs to be addressed. Our High School is a rural School in a small town. We are closing six school in our district next year, this will force inner city schools to be mixed with the rural kids. Their is going to be a lot of grief and adjustments for everyone. I predict the bullying will be severe. It is already bad enough.
    I found some great information from Stompoutbullying.org that we got permission to use and the Olweus program, along with Rachel’s challenge.
    Dr. Phil, I am serious, I know this is my purpose in life. I was bullied and abused when I was 15-17. The school did zero..I am a strong willed, determined mother, who cares about each and every child. God has put this purpose right in front of me.
    I would love to be an ambassador for the Anti Bullying crusade.
    I need someone like yourself and Stompoutbullying.org to educate me on the laws and what I can do to get the ball rolling in my state. Which is Indiana.
    Thank you.
    Dawndi Ehrlich

  5. Dawndi Ehrlich says:

    One of your producer’s contacted me about being on the show.
    I do not care if I am a part of the show, but I want to help this movement.
    Janelle has all my information on my personal experience and I have the tough skin needed to help stop bullying.
    She was suppose to call me back about being on the show..but I never heard back from her..at least not yet.

    USE ME! I have too much compassion for kids and especially the victims.
    It floors me at how many parents are also bullying other parents kids.

    To: “Land, Janelle”

    1. I am willing to be on the Doctor Phil show
    but I really do not believe the other parties involved would be interested.

    2. A. This is hurting my 11 year old daughter mentally.
    Halie is currently in Chistian counseling to help her deal with the
    pain this has caused her and our family.
    B. It is being brought into her school and bus
    Rumors are being brought into the school and has hurt my daughter’s
    grades. Not to mention has hurt her friendship with the girls caught
    in the middle.One being a neighbor girl she has known since she was 18
    months old. This girl has hung up on my daughter and when my daughter
    shared a song she wrote about the whole situation, she told Halie that
    was mean. She attends the same church and school. She also has
    promised to play with Halie in the summer I recall one day, instead of
    keeping her word, she was invited to swim with Anna and chose her.
    D. I do not feel comfortable letting my children play outside
    because of being stalked by the neighbors.
    I went to get the mail last Saturday, our mail boxes are clustered,
    but I am lucky just to have it right across the street. When I got the
    mail, Halie opened the front door, my cute little puppy ran out and as
    this happened Jason Reinig pulled into the addition and speed up, I
    could hear it. I feared he was trying to hit me and my puppy with his
    truck. If I hadn’t grabbed Daisy, she would of been hit.
    My daughter said he looked like Satan when he was driving.
    Plus, every time they are outside, they make comments to my kids.

    E. I want to feel safe again. I do not feel that these adult parents
    are educated enough about bullies. This started with the Reinig’s
    years ago and just has gotten worse since Deb Nuebaurer mentally
    abused my little girl and let her daughter bully her too. She feels
    Anna has done nothing wrong. She lied to one of my neighbor’s and told
    them everything was fine and that she waves to me. HA! Her wave aome
    weeks after I had mentioned this and it wasn’t a friendly wave.

    Our children model us. Watch everything we do and say. Halie is even
    smart enough to call me out on things I do that is a no no. She keeps
    me in line.

    3. My questions for Dr. Phil is :

    How do us parents get involved, in school and out of school?
    What can we do to educate parents and children about Bullying?
    Why do the bullier s get away with it in school?
    Shouldn’t there be discipline for any student that bullies?
    How do we handle Adults bullying our children?

    4. I want to be involved to stop bullying, whether being on the show
    or not. More people need to take a stand, educate themselves so others
    can be educated also. I thought it was bad enough moving in 9th grade
    to a new school and having to face my abusers day in and day out.. The
    principal knew..didn’t care. I can not imagine what it is like now
    with all of the technology we have. Children need a voice. Most
    parents do not even know where to begin.

    5. I hope to raise awareness. Moms can bully their children and other
    children too. Make sure you know who your children are with at all
    times. Use your instinct. Talk to your children about it.
    I also want to be educated to know what I can do to help Dr. Phil in
    my state. Advocate for children.

    6. hm
    cell the best number to reach me.
    I am a stay at home mom, so there is no work number.

    7. I have not been contacted by any other than you by the Dr. Phil show.

    If my pictures did not go through, please let me know. I do have a
    facebook account with lots of pictures.

    Thank you!
    Dawndi Ehrlich


  6. PCB says:

    This article is concerned about suicides from bullying but there is an even darker possibility–murder or worst–mass murder. There are terrible
    incidents in US history of this.

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