Five Space Saving Ways to Organize Your Dorm

shoe hangerIt’s more than halfway through the semester, and you’re probably noticing that your dorm seems like it is getting a little smaller everyday. No, your dorm hasn’t been through a shrinking machine, but in the past few months, you’ve probably purchased more clothes, forgot to return library books and haven’t gotten around to organizing old assignments from chem. class.

Dorms can be itty-bitty, so it may be hard to find places to put things. Instead of tip-toeing around all the junk on your dorm floor, read these tips on how to organize and save space.

Bed risers: By raising your bed, you will have more room to stack things underneath it.

Pocket shoe organizer for your closet: Ever think of hanging up your shoes? These are perfect if you are running out of places to put your shoes. You could also purchase several more of these to organize your scarves, jewelry, snacks and even toiletry items.

CD holder: If your DVD collection will no longer fit into your entertainment center, take the discs out of the cases and put them in a CD holder. There’s really no reason for you to have the hard DVD cases with you, so when you go home for the weekend, find a place to store them there. You can use your newly-emptied entertainment center for books and binders.

Bulletin boards: Get rid of all your frames and pin your photos to a bulletin board. You will save a lot of desk and night stand space for other necessary items. For easier access, pin up your reminder notes, important study guides and upcoming concert tickets.

Stackable crates: Stack’em to the ceiling if you have to. You can place out-of-season clothes, out-of-date magazines and your excess school supplies in these bad boys. These space-saving containers are cheap and durable. Mesh ones are awesome because they are expandable and you can see through them. If you purchase crates that you can’t see through, be sure to label the outside.

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4 Responses to “Five Space Saving Ways to Organize Your Dorm”

  1. Brandi Koskie says:

    We used the plastic over-the-door shoe holder in our tiny college apartment bathroom. The pockets held everything from curling irons to ponytail holders to hairbrushes and bottles of product. HUGE space saver that I’ve often considered for my home.

  2. Alicia says:

    Hahah I actually need this article more for organizing my teeny tiny NYC apartment post graduation!

  3. hyperventilatie says:

    Haha, i agree with margaret! Ive got my complete shoe collection under my bed 😀

  4. margaret says:

    Under-the-bed storage is so useful! I also like to hang extra hooks on the back of my closet and bedroom doors–it’s a great place to put coats, scarfs and bags.

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