Football Coach Quits After Making Racist Comments

Former coach Larry Dauterive

Former coach Larry Dauterive

Larry Dauterive resigned as East St. John High School’s head football coach last Friday. His resignation came after a meeting with the school superintendent regarding his recent racially prejudiced comments.

During his speech to the New Orleans Quarterback Club, Dauterive spoke about what it was like for him as a white man to coach a team of predominantly black players. He considered himself an important role in their lives saying that he is, “the only Papa they got.”

Although it sounds prejudiced to say that a team of black football players come from mostly single-parent families, Dauterive insists that it’s the truth and that it’s hard to ignore. Fabricka Anderson (one of the parents) said, “I think a lot of what he said was true, but it’s not just in the African-American community, and if what he said steps on our toes, than we kind of need to step up.”

Parents and school officials are truly divided in this debate. Many are offended at the insensitive nature of Dauterive’s comments and are calling him racist because of them. Others, like Anderson, aren’t judging so harshly.

Dauterive is a father figure to many of his players who happen to be from father-less homes. Many parents, no doubt, see it as a blessing that their sons have a positive male role-model in their lives and Dauterive simply acknowledged this truth. It’s unfortunate that he spoke with such little couth on the matter. School Board President Gerald Keller says, “My initial reaction was anger but once we got more info, I’m just glad it wasn’t my decision.”

How do you feel about the rise of single-parent families? Surely, it’s not limited to the African-American community. Do you believe that teachers, coaches and other community adults help to bridge the gap that some of these children face? If the decision was up to you, would you have fired Coach Dauterive for making such insensitive comments? Do you think he was wrong to voice such an opinion?

I would love to know how our readers feel about this.

2 Responses to “Football Coach Quits After Making Racist Comments”

  1. Diana says:

    Wow. I’m having a hard time digesting this one. I have to agree with Kelly. We should have more teachers, coaches, community leaders, etc. learning about our kids. Getting to know them, talk with them. As parents, we all know our children quit telling us things at some point. If they had a teacher or coach to confide in and get some help, is that really a bad thing?

    What he said is not racist, nor prejudice. He has an understanding of what he is doing to help the youth he interacts with. I bet it was a difficult decision to resign for him. I’m sure he feels like he has let down his team. I hope his team and their families back him up on this. That they know what he said wasn’t how it was perceived.

  2. Kelly says:

    This is ridiculous- the guy should be praised for knowing his team’s home life situations and stepping in to improve the kids’ lives in any way he can. It’s a fact that they are predominantly black and come from single parent homes, not a racist opinion. We need MORE coaches like him, not less.

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