High School Teacher Fired For Inappropriate Facebook Comments

Teenage girls who put suggestive photos on Facebook, some might say, are just asking for inappropriate comments from people they are “friends” with, but imagine the shock some Bronx, New York high school students had when they saw comments like “this is sexy” from their teacher!

Recently fired Fordham High School art teacher Chadwin Reynolds, according to the NY Post, was terminated because he “friended” students and wrote inappropriate comments on six of his students’ Facebook pages.

If that wasn’t enough, 37-year-old Reynolds even tried to court one of his students by sending her flowers, a stuffed animal and candy, and asking her for her phone number.

The purpose of Facebook is to allow users to post personal information about themselves on the site and Reynolds’ profile informational tag line supposedly said “I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ll take a look inside.”

He claims that his court case was “thrown out” and that the allegations were found invalid by the Board of Education, but according to the NY Post, they received confirmation that Reynolds’ employment was, in fact, terminated because of the social media allegations.

Are you friends with your teacher on Facebook?

5 Responses to “High School Teacher Fired For Inappropriate Facebook Comments”

  1. Clay Boggess says:

    I think this is a clear black and white issue with no room for gray. Teachers should not be allowed to communicate with their students in any way on Facebook. With that said, some ‘bad’ teachers will always find a way to circumvent any policy or restrictions that might be placed on them. ‘Good’ teachers will be smart enough to stay away regardless. The slope on this one is just too slippery.

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