Teen Shot After Sporting Sagging Shorts

sagging shorts styleOne commonality parents have across the nation is how much they detest when their sons walk out of the house with their pants half way down their thighs, belted and exposing their boxer shorts (or briefs).

Described as classless and trashy, yet trendy and hip, many schools have strict dress codes that prohibit the style.

But in Tennessee, 45-year-old Kenneth Bonds, decided to take matters into his own hands, giving an almost too dangerous literal meaning to the phrase “if looks could kill.”

Bonds, according to local law enforcement, was angry and offended when two teenage boys walked into a house in Southeast Memphis, Tennessee to buy candy with their sagging shorts.

Bond demanded the boys pull up their pants, but the boys argued back. When the teens firmly refused, Bond drew a semi-automatic pistol out and fired rounds at the boys as they ran away to escape his shooting.

He hit one of them in the buttocks and according to Sargeant Ron Perry, “the bullet exited through the teen’s thigh, and he went to a hospital in non-critical condition.”

Bond was released on $25,000 bail, and has been charged with two aggravated assault charges.

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  1. Kirsty Noble says:

    I think they should be allowed to dress how they want

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