Trojan Condoms Grades Universities With Sexual Health Report Card

condomsTypically, students go to college and are graded on what they learn. Now, the shoe is on the other foot because Trojan Condoms is grading schools on how well they teach students…about sexual education.

Trojan Condoms recently released its Sexual Health Report Card. This report grades schools on 12 areas of sexual health, including the availability of condoms on campus, STI testing locations, and if the school offers any lecture programs about safe sex.

“Students are really rallying to get their hands on accurate and intelligent material with respect to sexuality,” said Logan Levkoff, a PhD certified sexologist. “They’re fighting for classes, they’re fighting for access to services.”

The top scoring school this year was Columbia University. Michigan State University, Ohio State University, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, and Brown University rounded out the top five schools.

Why is sexual education such a prevalent issue for college students?

“Let’s face the facts here, students in college have sex, and although [a college] can do little to stop kids from having sex, we can at least promote ‘safe sex‘ and methods that come from this concept,” said Aaron Quihuis, a student at Arizona State University.

Students will be able to protect themselves from STDs and unwanted pregnancies if they have more information about practicing safe sex. Today, approximately 1.1 million Americans have HIV or AIDS; this figure does not include the numerous other STDs that students can get from having unsafe sex. The goal of Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card program is to educate everyone about these “scary statistics” in the hopes that students will be better able to protect themselves and their partners from catching an STD.

Via ABC News

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