Arkansas School Board Member Resigns for Anti-Gay Comments

Screen shot of McCance's Facebook profile, via The Advocate.

Screen shot of McCance's Facebook profile, via The Advocate.

Clint McCance officially offered his resignation to the Midland School Board, which was unanimously accepted in a special meeting. His removal from office came after a hateful anti-gay post on his Facebook. Not only did McCance use terms like “fag” he also said that he’s happy that homosexuals “give each other AIDS and die,” reports The Advocate. He further expressed his anger over the mourning of gay teens who died from suicide, saying that he would prefer it if all homosexuals would kill themselves.

CNN reports that McCance submitted a one-paragraph letter of resignation, apologizing for the public outcry caused by his statements. “I hope this resignation will help things get back to normal for you,” he wrote. “At no time did I want anyone to hurt themselves. I do not support bullying. I do not wish harm on anyone. I always learn from my mistakes and I hope that all of you learned something from this experience.” McCance was first elected to the school board in 2007, and was re-elected to serve a second term.

“I strongly condemn the statements that appeared on Mr. Clint McCance’s Facebook page,” Tom Kimbrell, Arkansas’ commissioner of education, said in a statement Wednesday. “The statements attributed to Mr. McCance constitute a significant departure from statements we expect from our school leaders. The divisiveness and disruption of these comments cause me to seriously question the ability of Mr. McCance to remain as an effective member of the Midland School Board.”

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  1. Brandi Koskie says:

    Unbelievable. What happened to treating each other like humans? I’m glad he resigned.

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