Half of Depressed Teens Relapse Within Five Years

A recent study found that half of the teens who were successfully treated for depression have a relapse within five years of recovery. What is causing young people to continuously experience major depression? The majority of the subjects who relapsed were female and it could be because young women in their teens and twenties have a tendency to harbor negative feelings. More studies need to be done before any real conclusion is obtained because depression is a complicated issue. It’s causes are intertwined in genetics, personality and circumstance.

Depression comes in many forms and it’s vital to understand that being depressed doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. Keep in mind that it’s nearly winter and ’tis the season also means that Seasonal Affective Disorder is ready to rear its head again. Shorter days mean lack of sunlight, which can contribute to depression for a lot of people.

Many don’t recognize they are depressed because it’s easy to write off the symptoms as stress, boredom or normal sadness. I urge you not to ignore the signs. We all get the blues from time to time, but college students may be more susceptible to depression for a number of reasons:

  • Too much stress or pressure from class, social situations and jobs
  • Long periods of time away from loved ones
  • Little time to pursue hobbies and interests
  • Lack of sleep

It’s important for everyone to take care of their mental health but it’s most especially important if you have a history of depression. Try the following tips to avoid depression, whether it’s a relapse or a sudden onset:

  • Create opportunities for ‘me’ time. At least once or twice a week, do something for yourself.
  • Fight the urge to stay up all night. Sleep is imperative for a healthy mind.
  • Do your best to seek out the sun. Even if the sun isn’t out, make an effort to spend some time outdoors. A couple of minutes is all it takes!
  • Perform volunteer and charity work.
  • Don’t waste your time with negative thoughts or feelings of inadequacy.
  • Exercise regularly to benefit from the mood-boosting hormones it releases.
  • Talk! Talk to your parents, your friends or a counselor. Conversation is great therapy for anyone and it doesn’t even have to be about ‘important’ issues. Simply talking about your day with people who care about you will do wonders for your mental health.

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  1. DepressionFighter says:

    Depression is very smart….if left even a little bit untreated it will come back one day for sure. Only complete treatment guarantees depression will return.

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