High School Teacher Kills Himself at School

western-high-schoolThe community at Western High School in Las Vegas is shocked by the tragic news of Michael Roberts’ death. The high school science teacher shot himself in the head on Monday afternoon in the middle of campus. “At about 2:30, one single shot was heard by the staff here at Western High School,” said Lt. Ken Young, Clark County School District Police. School was not in session.

“It’s a big tragedy,” former student Christopher Thompson told KNTV. “In the middle of the day‚Ķ I’m thankful that school wasn’t in session. I wouldn’t want the kids to see something like that.” Staff members dialed 911 after they heard a shot, and the body was discovered by police.

Many question what could have lead Roberts to such a public suicide. “I think [teachers here] are under a lot of stress, but no more so than at any other school,” says Thompson. The school district will be offering counseling services to students and teachers, and is working to find ways to help those grieving. “As you can imagine it’s a pretty traumatic experience for staff members,” said Lt. Young.

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3 Responses to “High School Teacher Kills Himself at School”

  1. rakisha says:

    i wish he was still alive thats my favrite teacher

  2. Clay Boggess says:

    I feel for everyone who knew him, especially his family. I’m sure though that people are wondering why he chose to end his life in such a public place. Dealing with suicide is difficult enough as it is.

  3. PCB says:

    Was this teacher under any investigations for improper conduct?

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