Illegal Immigrants Eligible for California In-State Tuition

California FlagA California Supreme Court decision ruled students who are illegal immigrants may continue to receive in-state tuition. The court voted unanimously, overturning a lower court ruling.

The Los Angeles Times reports that there are about 25,000 illegal immigrants who currently receive in-state tuition rates. The ruing was written by Justice Ming W. Chin, who is one of the most conservative members of the panel. The new law will apply to students who attended a California high school for at least three years and graduated. The new law will also extend the in-state tuition to U.S. citizens who attended California residents but reside legally in other states. “It cannot be the case that states may never give a benefit to unlawful aliens without giving the same benefit to all American citizens,” Chin wrote.

The lawsuit was brought to court by a group fighting illegal immigration. They argued that allowing illegal immigrants to pay the lower in-state tuition is unfair to out-of-state citizens who must pay more. College students who are in the country illegally are barred from government financial-aid programs.

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3 Responses to “Illegal Immigrants Eligible for California In-State Tuition”

  1. Henry says:

    The Costs of Illegal Immigration to Californians focuses on three specific program areas because those were the costs examined by researchers from the Urban Institute in 1994. Looking at the costs of education, health care and incarceration for illegal aliens in 1994, the Urban Institute estimated that California was subsidizing illegal immigrants to the tune of about $1.1 billion. The enormous rise in the costs of illegal immigrants over the intervening ten years is due to the rapid growth in illegal residents. It is reasonable to expect those costs to continue to soar if action is not taken to turn the tide.
    Minus the cost of illegals from our 24 billion budget, and we’re looking at better times. No more WIC. No more free education. No more free social services and bankrupting our hospitals. And for pete’s sakes stop the propaganda about illegals doing jobs most Americans won’t do. It’s not true. There are plenty of Americans who can do these jobs if re-directed to the places illegals using fake social security numbers (almost every fast food chain) are now working. Look at Germany, they’ve started recruiting prositutes to work with elderly and disabled. Hey, now there’s an idea….Meanwhile, it’s almost comical how many pro mother earth people are forgetting how illegals crossing our border are stomping on sacred mother earth ground….destroying natural habitats…ooh, can’t talk about that….Obama and michelle might miss out on another free vacation.

  2. PCB says:

    Is there any wonder why California has a huge budget deficit. How many of these student’s families paid any California income and/or payroll taxes? I wouldn’t any number of Mexican families living in the California if the Stars and Stripes flew over Baja California replacing the corrupt to core government that is there now. Read the former major of San Diego’s
    comments and reporting of the drug trafficking protected by the highest level of the military in Baja Cailfornia.

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