Kindergarten Teacher Accused of Selling Drugs

DurgsPolice say that a kindergarten teacher in Brevard County, Florida has been operating a drug-trafficking and counterfeiting operation. Twenty-four-year old Ashley Webb is a teacher at Westside Elementary School. She and her boyfriend, Curtis Phillip Gallagher, face charges related to possession of controlled substances, counterfeiting, and trafficking controlled substances.

Authorities reported finding “trafficking amounts of Oxycodone, at least $220 in counterfeit bills, mostly twenties, instruments used to produce the counterfeit money including computers, printers and copiers along with other drug related paraphernalia” in the couple’s apartment on Pinewood Drive. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Gallagher has a long history of criminal activity.

“We believe Ms. Webb not only had knowledge of his illegal activity, but actively participated in it as well.” said Palm Bay Sgt. Tim Zander. Both suspects have “yielded admissions.” The school district has been notified of Webb’s arrest.

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  1. PCB says:

    I guess we do need a kindergarten cop.

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