Korean Students Rewarded For Good Grades With Plastic Surgery

Edu in Review has reported previously about students being rewarded or bribed with money for exceptional grades, and even social media programs that offer similar themed programs, but now half a world away comes a different reward: plastic surgery.

Teenagers have long coveted plastic surgery across the world. Unhappy with their physical appearance and perhaps the pressures and self esteem troubles often associated with the years of a developing adolescence, teenage surgeries account for a substantial number of procedures in today’s culture.

As a result of this, many South Korean parents have chosen to reward good grades, above average standardized test scoring, college admission acceptance or even college or high school completion, with their student’s desired plastic surgery procedure.

Korean hospitals are even encouraging the rewards, as they have begun to target advertising campaigns at the students and also offer discounts for students who are being rewarded by their parents for good grades.

In order to get their new nose or breast augmentations, Korean students will have to work hard to reap the rewards of the discounted surgeries as South Korea is a highly competitive scholastic environment.

The most popular surgeries according to Fox News are double-eyelid surgery  (commonly known as Asian Blepharoplasty) and rhinoplasty (nose job).

Students aren’t the only ones being rewarded for their efforts. Doctors in Seoul recognize that parental guidance and support often encourages academic achievement so they’re also running special promotions for the students’ parents.

This ad was online in Apgujeong, Gangnam, Seoul, “We are giving a present to mothers who had a tough time with their children for the College Scholastic Ability Test – if a student has two plastic surgeries for eyes and nose at the same time, we will provide a free Botox shot for the mother’s wrinkles near the eyes or brow.”

What do you think? Is plastic surgery a reasonable reward to scholastic success or should parents resort back to the gold star technique?

2 Responses to “Korean Students Rewarded For Good Grades With Plastic Surgery”

  1. Jessie says:

    I’m all for new incentives for college students to do better in school, but plastic surgery is a little out of line. It’s no wonder that so many people have self-image issues with all this encouragement to change their appearance.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Whoa… That seems pretty extreme to me. When I got a full ride to college, my parents threw me a party in the backyard with my friends. How did we go from that to plastic surgery as a common reward for academic achievement?

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