Students Support Their Drug Dealer Teacher in New Jersey

This year, it is no under statement that teachers across America have been reprimanded for their inappropriate behavior. From teachers fired for friending students on Facebook, to past CraigsList prostitutes, it seems the notable teacher profession is becoming plagued with indecencies.

The most recent unacceptable behavior comes from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey where Governor Livingston High School students are rallying behind their 26 year-old teacher in support, despite his arrest for allegedly supplying drugs and alcohol to his students…in his apartment!

It has been reported that popular science teacher Frank Melchiorre provided his underage students with marijuana and alcohol in his apartment, and because of that has now been suspended with full pay, as well as arrested by local police.

Since Melchiorre was such a popular teacher and very well liked, his students created a Facebook page to express their support: The Frank Melchiorre Appreciation Club.

Despite the fan page, not all of Governor Livingston students are backing Melchiorre. Senior Joey Disarno told CBS News New York, “I thought it was tutoring, and then I heard all about this, and it was just very upsetting to me that kids, like my friends, would go there and do that with him.”

The investigation into Melchiorre is still pending and according to Morris County administrators he has been charged with “possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, providing alcohol to persons under the legal drinking age of 21, and allowing underage persons to drink in his home.”

Melchiorre has been a teacher in the county for four years.

Something tells me that engaging in extra-curricular activities like that with a teacher at your high school is not something you should be putting on a college application.

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2 Responses to “Students Support Their Drug Dealer Teacher in New Jersey”

  1. Anonymous says:

    To everyone who thinks of mr melchioore as if he was a criminal in this case. Maybe he did allow students to drink or smoke in his apartment, but that shouldn’t overlook him for what he truly was. He listened to kids and was more than just a teacher. He was our friend who helped us solve our problems and everything he ever did was to help us. If anything the government is at fault in this situation. Mr. Melchiorre was a great teacher who was highly proficient at not only enstilling knowledge in students but more importantly for taking his care outside of the school and listening to us as more than just a figure of authority, as an equal, as our friend. And that is the most important fact of this case. Even if he allowed drinking in his home which should he his own private business, it was all only done with the bed intentions, as someone who genuinely cared for the students and meant only to help them out. He is a great teacher and this case just goes further to show the error or our legal system and how the government pinpoints a seemingly innocent perpetrator as an evil force, when there are true evil forces duh as terrorists out there who are allowed to go free. Absurd.

  2. ish says:

    Watz da update on dis one yo?

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