Where to Get the Most Money For Your Used Textbooks

textbooksAlthough nobody likes the financial strain of buying textbooks, I think it is fair to say that most of us like selling our books at the end of the semester, especially when you have a book that sells back for a good price.

However, it can be hard to know which bookstore or website will give you the best price for your textbooks. There are many options available for your selling pleasures, but here are the best places to score the highest buy-back price.

1.    Half.com. This website specializes in selling many forms of media, including books, music, movies, and games. They also specialize in helping you sell your textbooks. Half.com does not buy your textbooks directly, but they do enable you to sell your textbooks to more than 100 million viewers. This is awesome because you are very likely to find someone, somewhere who will want to buy your used textbooks.

2.    Amazon.com. Like Half.com, Amazon allows you to place your textbook in their marketplace and sell to millions of people around the world. Another benefit of Amazon.com is that this website will even buy your books from you.

3.    Chegg.com. Chegg does more than just rent textbooks; they also buy used textbooks from students. (Their supply has to come from somewhere, right?) Users can get a quote for their textbooks online and Chegg pays for the shipping of the books. Chegg only accepts student editions of books and the books have to be in very good condition, but if your books meet these qualifications, you could make some big bucks selling your books to Chegg.

4.    BarnesandNoble.com. B&N is slightly different from Chegg because you have to have at least $10.00 worth of books to sell back to them in order to participate. However, if you meet the minimum, B&N works pretty much the same as Chegg. You get a quote for your books and if you accept that price, B&N pays for you to ship your books to them and then mails you a check. Barnes and Noble only accepts books mailed from within the U.S., so this is not a good option for international students.

5.    Campus bookstore. If you do not want to deal with selling your books on an online auction type of website (Half.com or Amazon.com) or with shipping your books to a buyer (Chegg.com or Barnes and Noble), then perhaps an actual bookstore is the best bet for you. Although campus bookstores might not always give you as good a price as selling your book directly to another student, they do eliminate a lot of the hassle. Honestly, what’s easier than walking up to a cashier, handing over your old textbooks, and walking out with some extra cash in your wallet?

No matter which option you choose, you can make money selling your books back at the end of the semester. It may not be a lot of money, but hopefully it’ll at least cover lunch and a new school t-shirt.

4 Responses to “Where to Get the Most Money For Your Used Textbooks”

  1. Craiger says:

    I agree with jessie, I have gone the first day of the next semester just before the class starts and sold a book to someone who didn’t have it. I got alot more than I would have from amazon.

    I also agree with DJ, Renting books is normally something I wouldn’t do but it actually was made really easy with Hopmarks.com. I am renting a book currently and I guess they send out prepaid and prelabled packaging to ship it back (thats my kind of easy). This is obviously only if you don’t need the book for later reference though.

  2. evarun21 says:

    I sell my textbooks back to mybookcart .com. They give better prices than most buyback sites and they let me ship my books to them for free. I get paid fast too.

  3. Jessie says:

    I find it best to cut out the middle man. Put flyers around campus or post something on Facebook to advertise your text books. I think this is the surest way to get the most out of your books..

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