Best and Worst New Year’s Drinks

If you’re struggling with your freshman 15, or any 15 for that matter, you’re probably dreading this time of year. People, on average, gain seven pounds during the holiday season, and part of that weight gain is due to those irresistible holiday cocktails. If you plan on drinking this New Year’s, you will be shocked at the amount of calories in some well-known mixed drinks.

Check out this best, better and worst list of alcoholic drinks by their caloric amount.


  • Eight-ounce Long Island iced tea: 500 calories
  • Six-ounce amaretto sour: 420 calories
  • Six-ounce pina colada : 380 calories
  • Eight-ounce margarita: 370 calories
  • Six-ounce white Russian: 360 calories


  • Seven-ounce gin and tonic: 200 calories
  • Four-ounce cosmopolitan: 200 calories
  • Eight-ounce whiskey sour: 160 calories
  • Three-ounce apple martini: 150 calories


  • 2.5-ounce Manhattan: 130 calories
  • Eight-ounce Tom Collins: 120 calories
  • Five-ounce bloody Mary: 120 calories
  • Four-ounce champagne: 88 calories

Limit yourself to three drinks if you choose a drink from the “best” category; limit yourself to two drinks if you choose a drink from the “better” category, and limit yourself to one drink if you pick something from the “worst” category. If you’re mixing you’re own drinks, supplement diet soda for regular soda, and pick sugar-free juices over the high-calories ones.

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