Shooter Opens Fire on Florida School Board [VIDEO]

Florida School Board ShootingDuring a public Bay District School Board Meeting this past Tuesday, Clay Duke opened fire at board members, starting with superintendent Bill Husfelt.

The Florida school board meeting had started normally, but things took a violent turn when the floor was opened to the public for comment. Duke stood up, spray painted a red “V” on the wall and brandished a gun, ordering the audience and women out of the room. He then opened fire. None of the remaining board members were hit, but once authorities entered the room the gunman turned the weapon on himself.

“We’re at a board meeting, and we’re talking about technology and head lice, and next thing we know, this guy’s got a gun in our face,” said Husfelt. Police have determined that Duke was upset that his wife has lost her job as a teacher. The entire incident is captured on tape, which was being streamed live online by two local news stations.

Duke had a previous criminal record, and he was sentenced to five years in prison for stalking his former girlfriend, obstructing justice and shooting a vehicle.

Via CNN.

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  1. PCB says:

    I watched the tape of this incident several times. I think this was a public act of suicide.

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