Worst College Drinking Trends of 2010

College is the time to do stupid stuff or, rather, to drink stupid stuff, right? The year 2010, especially, was a year for college students to drink some pretty crazy concoctions. While Four Loko landed several students in the hospital, Suicide Shots may have caused others to hurl into the toilet.

Check out this list of drinking trends that will hopefully expire in 2011:

Suicide shots: Probably the most uncomfortable way to take a tequila shot: Snort the salt, down the shot and squirt the lime into your eye.

Drive-thru daiquiris: Don’t ask me how it’s legal, but apparently, in Louisiana, you can purchase these fruity drinks from a drive-thru window. Sure, you can get drunk in the parking lot, but how do you plan on getting home?

Edward Fortyhands: To participate in one of the stupidest drinking trends known to man, you just need to duct tape a forty-ounce bottle of malt liquor to each hand. It’s all fun and games until you need help opening a door, taking a phone call or going to the bathroom.

Four Loko: Maybe mixing loads of caffeine with alcohol wasn’t the best idea. This convenience-store cocktail routed several naive college students to the hospital, and its side affects are similar to those of a roofie.

Whipped Lightening: While this whipped topping may look like something you would dress-up your Starbucks frappuccino with, a squirt of this stuff could have you wobbling to your first class. Consuming one can of Whipped Lightening is the equivalent to downing five beers.

From all of us at EDU, have a happy New Year’s, but if you plan on embarking on one of these drinking trends, please do it responsibly.

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  1. chi city man says:

    I get a hangover just thinking about this.

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