Cheating Investigation Causes Dekalb to Remove 24 Educators

The April 2009 CRCTs cheating investigation has brought to light some more changes in the education system of Atlanta. Dekalb County, which is a county in metro-area Atlanta, has removed a total of 29 educators due to concerns that they may have engaged in inappropriate conduct during the administration of the 2009 CRCT. Five of those people have either been terminated or resigned since the notifications were given to employees. Those who remain employed will be reassigned to other duties while the state investigates their certification.

The 29 employees who were removed include five principals and five assistant principals. The rest were teachers. These recent removals are just one factor in a long list of things that have been happening since the investigation started. There have been several reports of teachers who spoke up about the cheating they witnessed being punished by their superiors. The Atlanta School District is also on probation for the next nine months because of infighting among members of the board that governs the school district. Apparently, this cheating investigation comes from years of teachers and principals changing students’ test answers and giving them answers to improve scores.

Via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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