First-Grader Stabs Fellow Student

Evidently, extreme bullying is starting earlier and earlier. How early, you may ask? Try first grade.

There is a first-grade student at a Montebello, California elementary school whom parents say is a danger to other students. These parents want the child expelled from school due to his aggressive acts towards other children. In December, this child allegedly used a utility device to stab one of his classmates.

“I feel really bad,” said Mary Baca, a parent who was volunteering in the boy’s classroom when the incident took place. “I know it’s an emotional situation. And I know if the kid got love and help, he wouldn’t act out the way he did.”

Several students saw the incident, and some are still traumatized by the event. One student, Richard, drew a picture to show to his mother.

“Every day I come home and I have to ask my son about his day, what happened, is everything okay, did anything bad happen?” the mother said. “And that worries me.”

This week, another mother claimed that her child was abused by this young bully. Many parents are worried about their children’s safety, and feel that the school district is not doing enough to protect their children.

“If there’s any incident on campus, we do a thorough investigation,” said Michael Cobarrubias, the interim assistant superintendent at Fremont Elementary. “We interview any parties involved. Many times when parents bring it forth, we take it very seriously.”

The school district claims this was an isolated incident and will take whatever measures are necessary to convince parents of their children’s safety.

Via The Huffington Post

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