Pro-Gun Group Fights for Concealed Weapons on Campus

A pro-gun group is arguing that students should be aloud to bring concealed weapons to the University of Arkansas campus. Arkansas Carry, a group formed to promote gun rights, wrote a letter Monday asking the Department of Education to allow students with concealed-carry permits to be able to bring guns on campus.

Currently, state law bans guns from college campus events, buildings and other property owned by the university. Arkansas Carry, however, believes that the law is being misinterpreted.

The letter, which was sent to the Director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education Jim Purcell  states that a 2003 attorney general’s opinion allows students to bring handguns to campus as long as they don’t bring them in a university building. As it is now, students who bring a gun to a school parking lot face expulsion.

“Arkansas law presently allows all Concealed Handgun Carry License (CHCL) holders to carry handguns on the campus and other property of universities and colleges, except into buildings or any college or university events,” the chairman of Arkansas Carry, Steve D. Jones, wrote in the letter.

It appears as though Arkansas Carry read the law selectively. Purcell said that the attorney general’s opinion, the same one stated in the letter, also gives statutory authority for colleges and universities to ban guns on all school property.

Purcell responded to the letter stating, “If an institution has opted to prohibit the carrying of handguns on all campus property in accordance with this provision, no handguns will be permitted on that institution’s property even if carried by persons who have concealed handgun permits.”

In my opinion, I feel safer knowing that universities are trying to keep weapons off campus as much as possible, including concealed-carry ones. What do you think? Should guns be allowed anywhere on school property?

Via The Arkansas Times

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  1. PCB says:

    This request confirms that Arkansas is really a low IQ state.
    Also, one of our US presidents from this state brought disgrace to the office of the president for which he should have been removed from office.

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