Student Sues Prostitute for 1.8 Million

A New York City college student is suing a Las Vegas prostitute for committing an “illegal sexual act” on him, the Las Vegas Sun reported late Thursday.

Earlier this month, Hubert Blackman filed a law suit against the dance company called Las Vegas Exclusive Personals. He is seeking a $275 refund plus another $1.8 million.

“I would like the court to close the business,” he said in the suit. “I also would like to get my $275 payment back and a $1.8 million verdict for the tragic event that happened.”

While vacationing on the Las Vegas strip, Blackman said he called the dance company and arranged a private dance session with a dancer. He also said that the hired stripper would dance for him for $155 and would perform a sex act for an additional $120.

Though Blackman said he is suing because the dancer solicited him sex, which almost got him arrested, he may be seeking compensation for another reason. Blackman filed a complaint with the dance company the morning after the alleged sex act, and said that dancer had promised to stay with him for a full hour, but left after half an hour.

Additionally, because he was incapacitated at the time, he was unable to make an informed agreement with the dancer. Blackman filed another complaint with the Las Vegas police department, and since they didn’t take action, he filed suit without a lawyer when he got back to New York.

As of 2009, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. However, heavily-regulated acts of prostitution are legal in most of Nevada.

Via The Las Vegas Sun

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