Tri-Valley University Accused of Immigration Fraud

TriValley University, Pleasanton CollegeFederal officials are investigating Tri-Valley University, accusing the institution of being a front to provide immigrants with fraudulent student visas. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Pleasanton, California, College has accepted millions of dollars in exchange for obtaining visas under false pretenses. The school’s founder, Susan Xiao-Ping Su is under investigation for fraud.

According to Pleasanton Weekly, Tri-Valley claims to offer a master’s and doctorate degrees in a number of subjects and is housed in a two-story office building. Calls to the college have gone unanswered and the school has not been open for business since Friday. Xiao-Ping Su described Tri-Valley as “a Christian Higher Education Institution offering quality academic programs in Engineering, Business, Art, Law and Medicine with live synchronous virtual classroom instruction.”

The school has allowed hundreds of people, mostly from India, to stay in the United Sates with student visas. Their website even advertises that Ph.D. students can directly apply for green cards. Questions about the school’s accreditation have been raised since last September.

Image via the Tri-Valley University website.

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2 Responses to “Tri-Valley University Accused of Immigration Fraud”

  1. Exstudent says:

    This college is a sham. TV reports here state that most of the students were on fake visas bought into the US many from China and from Andhra state in India. Some of whom will eventually get sucked into cheap SWIT shops (SWIT= IT Sweat shops) . USCIS should investigate other private and even community colleges that are fast becoming a front for such illegal activities.

    Its a shame that this college identifies itself as a ‘Christian’ college trying to give it some ounce of credibility.

  2. PCB says:

    Chinese education fraud is rampant in the PRC; some must have made it across the pacific ocean.

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