Johnny Depp’s Education Background

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp was born in Owensburg, Kentucky. Because of his dad’s employment, the family relocated many times during his childhood. Johnny’s dad worked as a civil engineer and his mom was a waitress. Johnny has two sisters and one brother. Their ancestor was an immigrant from France who originally settled in Virginia. His eventually changed the family name from Deppe or Dieppe to Depp.

In 1970, the family was living in Miramar, Florida. Eight years later, the family circumstances changed considerably as the parents divorced. Johnny was the one his mom expected to go to his dad’s work place and pick up the child support money. All of this stress was very troubling to Johnny who turned to self inflecting cuttings on his body as a way to cope. A year later he dropped out of school. He was sixteen and had formed a series of garage bands using the guitar his mom had given to him when he turned twelve.

Johnny married one of his band mate’s sisters, Lori Anne Allison, in 1983 but they divorced two years later. It was his wife who introduced him to an Nicolas Cage. an old boyfriend. He suggested a career in show business and Johnny soon had his first leading role on the hit television series 21 Jump Street. Although it would have been a natural transition from teen idol to handsome leading man, Depp much preferred developing eccentric personalities and loved playing off beat characters. Some of his most famous movies are the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is with actress Penelope Cruz and new director Rob Marshall. Recently, Johnny made a surprise visit to a London primary school, where he delighted everyone by appearing as his character Jack Sparrow.

He is considered by many to be the most talented and versatile actors of our day, but most woman still think of him as simply the sexiest man alive. Depp has been engaged to several woman including Winona Ryder. He has been happily married to French actress Vanessa Paradis and lives in France with their two children. His latest film, Rango, is about an animated chameleon with problems.

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