Lesbian Couple Overcomes Obstacles to Walk in School Assembly

It’s the Snow Days Pep Fest at Champlin Park High School, located in a suburb of Minneapolis. The energy levels are sky-high and everyone is excited to see which couple of the royalty court will be crowned. One of the couples in particular is highly excited about being named as royalty. Their names: Sarah Lindstrom and Desiree Shelton.

The lesbian couple were celebrating a victory as they walked into the pep rally. Earlier that week, a school policy had been changed in order to prevent them from walking into the assembly together, as a couple. Instead, all court members would be required to walk into the assembly alone or with a parent or favorite teacher.

Champlin Park High School has had a history of not handling issues that involve homosexual students correctly. Last year, Justin Aaberg, a gay student at the school, committed suicide. His death has been linked to bullying, based on his sexual orientation. There were five other homosexual students who killed themselves since the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year.

School officials said they changed the policy to prevent the girls from being teased. A few days later, two separate human rights groups sued on the girls’ behalf. The next day, school officials relented and allowed members of the royalty court to be escorted by anyone they choose. Age and gender would not be a factor.

Lindstrom and Shelton were ecstatic to walk together, as a couple, into the pep assembly.

“It felt amazing,” said Shelton. She was so nervous that she didn’t notice the standing ovation that greeted the couple as they walked in. “I think we were too focused on getting to the stage.”

Although there might have been a few boos mixed in with the cheers, the couple received a mostly positive reaction from their peers.

“We’re a pretty respectful school,” said Melissa Biellefe, a student at the school. “Our rule is just let people be who they are.”

Sounds like a good policy to me.

Via The Huffington Post

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