Bullied Teens End Life in Suicide Pact

Middle schoolers Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz blame bullying for their suicide pact

In an apparent suicide pact, two female teenagers killed themselves at a sleepover last weekend. The middle-schoolers indicated that they were bullied at their Minnesota school.

Eighth-graders Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz ended their lives by hanging themselves. Facebook posts and cryptic notes pinpoint clues of them feeling outcasted and bullied.

Just weeks before their deaths, Haylee posted this disturbing note on Paige’s Facebook wall:

“I’m so nervous and I just want to get it over with … I love you, Paige.”

Though the two friends seemed to be fed up with their fellow classmates, Haylee and Paige found comradeship in each other. A few weeks ago, Haylee was suspended for fighting with a fellow student. Her reason: She was defending her best friend, Paige.

After her expulsion, Haylee left daunting notes on her Facebook page.

“I’m so sad and feel lonely. I hope I get to be with my friends again soon.”

Family members regretfully say they should have noticed the signs. “Maybe we should have paid closer attention,” Robin Settle, Haylee’s aunt, said. “Maybe everyone should have paid closer attention.”

Haylee’s mother, Tracy Morrison, and her older sister, Ashley George, believe that bullying was to blame for the two girls’ deaths.

“We need to stop pretending this isn’t happening or that is just a cry for attention because obviously it is not,” the family members wrote in a statement. “This needs to be talked about and we need to try to prevent this by teaching kids in school, community and at home. They need to know they are not alone. It shouldn’t take more tragedies to realize this.”

Haylee left a detailed suicide note, giving preferences for her funeral. Haylee’s aunt said she wanted her service to be very feminine. “She requested everything pink and princess and butterflies,” Settle said.

Bullying is a serious problem, and since the majority of it occurs in the classroom, schools should take more responsibility in preventing this issue. Whether it be counseling for students that show signs of being ostracized, or anti-bullying assemblies, I believe that being more active in this issue will help prevent deaths like this.

What do you think? Tell us how you would combat bullying.

Via Time Magazine

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