Former California Secretary of Education to Be Keynote Speaker at Biola Education Symposium

Biola University LogoFormer California Secretary of Education Glen Thomas will return to his alma mater to give the keynote address at a symposium hosted by the Biola University’s School of Education. Biola University is a private Christian college, whose mission is “to equip a generation of influential educators, focused on God’s calling, devoting their strengths, gifts and scholarship, to meet the needs of diverse students and to advance the Kingdom of God.”

The topic of the symposium is the future of education in California, particularly in light of the budget deficit and recent cuts made to education funding. The panel will also discuss the role for Christian education in promoting ethics, and upcoming legislation.

Other members of the panel include Western Region Vice President of the College Board Dr. Al Mijares, Superintendent of Norwalk La Mirada Unified School District Dr. Ruth Perez and Superintendent of East Whittier City Schools Dr. Joe Gillentine.

The symposium will be held at 7:00 PM on April 7, 2011 in Biola’s Mayers Auditorium.

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3 Responses to “Former California Secretary of Education to Be Keynote Speaker at Biola Education Symposium”

  1. Poe says:

    Funny that ethics should be discussed at this symposium. Dr. Joe Gillentine should have payed better attention or maybe just practice what he preaches – His recent budget contained a number of false assumptions that could not coexist. The budget was approved but was deliberately inaccurate and led to the East Whittier School District into serious financial trouble for the 12 -13 school year and beyond. This will lead to the loss of many jobs, larger class size and a serious concern for the quality of education for several years into the future.

  2. PCB says:

    Education spending gets cut now in California where I went to undergraduate
    college for so little money. I wonder how much of the illegal immigration problem contributes to California’s gigantic budget deficit?

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