Lesbian Cadet Rejected for Readmission to West Point

Cadet Katherine Miller

Cadet Katherine Miller

A lesbian cadet resigned last year from West Point due to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, a law that bans openly gay soldiers from serving in the military. Katherine Miller, 21, who ranked ninth in her class, applied again to the military school, but sadly, even after the law was repealed, was denied readmission.

“While the don’t ask, don’t tell policy was recently changed and will be repealed, the effective date has not yet been determined,” Lt. Col. Sherri Reed, the academy’s director of public affairs, said in a statement. “Due to this situation, West Point is unable to offer her readmission at this time.”

Though Miller’s admission is currently being denied, Reed said that she will be able to be readmitted, but it will take some time.

“While at the academy Ms. Miller remained in good standing and had done exceptionally well academically, militarily and physically,” she said. “The choice to seek readmission is available to her once the repeal process is completed.”

The repealment will take effect 60 days after President Obama and senior defense advisers decide that it won’t interfere with troops in combat. Right now, military officials won’t say when the new policy will become law, but it’s estimated that it will take place either late summer or early fall.

Miller, who is openly gay, resigned just before the start of her junior year. Though she was accepted to Yale University after she left West Point, she declined the offer because she missed the camaraderie that she had with her fellow cadets.

It’s a sad day indeed when an outstanding student wants to serve her country, and can’t because she wants to be open about her sexuality. Not only do school officials praise her for her academic integrity, but she picked West Point over an Ivy League school.

Someone with such strong conviction to serve his or her country, regardless of their sexual orientation, should be able to do so. I’m not buying West Point’s weak excuse. The repealment is to take effect anyway, so why is West Point pretending that their hands are tied?

What do you think? Should Katherine Miller be readmitted back into West Point? Comment below, and let us know where you stand.

Image and story via The Associated Press

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