The Biggest Turn-offs for Men on a First Date

Maybe your last date didn’t go so well, or maybe he never called back. Want to know why? Read these most common pet peeves men just can’t stand.

She won’t quit texting her friends: Men doubt that you’re interested  in them when you’re constantly looking down at your phone. Plus, it shows that you lack table manners.

She expects a free meal right off the bat: Men almost always prefer to pay, but a little appreciation shows that he’s more than just a meal ticket.

She talks about her ex-boyfriends: Your date assumes that not only are you hung up on your ex, but that you are constantly criticizing. If the topic comes up, be honest about your past relationships, but keep it short and sweet.

She talks about her insecurities: There’s no point in making your flaws obvious because guys won’t notice it off hand. Don’t talk about your weight or how bad your hair looks; men just don’t care. Plus, it makes you look superficial, and you will most likely attract the shallow types.

She complains the entire date: The pop is flat. It’s cold in here. I wanted a booth, not a table. Men hate this, not only because it’s annoying, but it makes you look passive aggressive. If you have a just complaint, take it up with the server or the manager. Don’t go on and on about what’s bothering you if you have know intention of fixing it yourself.

All in all, confidence is one of those traits that turn men on. No, I don’t mean cocky, but men love to see that you’re comfortable in your own skin and proud of who you are. If you are aware of your annoying habits, don’t bring those with you on the date. Display your good personality traits, while forgoing those that will only bug your date.

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