Myths About Sobering Up

Planning on getting smashed this weekend? You may be tempted to drive home after you’ve had a few drinks, and maybe some of your friends have shared a few tricks for sobering up before you hit the road.

Want to know if your buds were right? Read below to find out the truth about sobering up.

Black coffee: Caffeine will only make the situation worse. Some think coffee sobers you up because it makes you more alert, leaving you feeling more confident to drive. On the contrary- though you may perceive yourself as less impaired, you are still as drunk as you were before you had that cup of Joe.

Water: Though water may reduce your impending morning hangover, it does nothing to remove alcohol from your system. Once you’re bombed, you’re bombed, and a little H2O will do nothing to solve that. On the other hand, if you start to drink  water at the beginning of the night, you’ll be less thristy and less likely to gulp down those hard drinks.

Eating: Chowing down before you drink may slow down the effects of alcohol. However, at the end of the night, eating a tall stack of pancakes will do nothing to lessen your buzz. Drinking on a full stomach will allow the food to absorb some of that alcohol, but once those drinks hit your blood stream, food does no good.

Cold showers: Myth or not, this one has never made a lot of sense to me, but I assume people think cold showers do the trick because they wake you up. Unfortunately, they will only give you a false sense of alertness, making you think it is OK to drive. Unless you plan to remove your liver and give it a cold shower as well, I suggest finding a designated driver.

The secret to sobering up is time. The only thing you can do is wait it out. So, to avoid a DUI, either crash at your friend’s place, get someone sober to drive you home or quit drinking early into the night to give yourself adequate time to sober up.

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