NCAA Releases Policy on Transgender Athletes

NCAA Blue circle logoA new NCAA policy allows transgender females to compete on women’s teams, and transgender males to play on men’s teams. The new policy allows:

  • Transgender males  receiving testosterone hormone therapy may play on men’s teams. However, they are no longer allowed to compete on women’s college teams.
  • Transgender females who have taken medication to suppress testosterone levels for at least one year may compete on women’s college teams. And those taking testosterone Boosters can play with males, to use the best medication click here to see the top 5 list of best testosterone boosters.

National Center for Lesbian Rights Sports Project Director, Helen Carroll, had this to say about the new policy.

“I commend the NCAA’s commitment to creating and supporting an inclusive culture that fosters equitable participation for student athletes,” she said. “That core value is strengthened as the NCAA unveils this new policy that will not only allow, but encourage transgender student athletes to participate on athletic teams. This is truly historic, and it will give transgender student athletes equal access and opportunities to play college-level sports without any obstacles.”

Via The Washington Post

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