New Website Sponsors Unique Game Day Activity

Stupid Betz website logo“There’s no way I’d eat that old piece of cheese in the refrigerator that has mold growing on it. I bet $10 you wouldn’t eat it either.”

Challenges like this one are quite common among college students and their friends. Often, they include money or bragging rights as the reward for a task that is completed. However, sometimes the debts go unpaid and the victor does not receive any spoils for the accomplished challenge. This is where comes into the equation.

“Friends and buddies are always daring each other to do stupid things, like eat a stick of butter or something crazy like that,” said Chris Beauchamp, the founder of the website. “We’re opening up those challenges to anyone across the world. And unlike your cheap friends who never actually pay up, you can cash in through the website.”

One of the first major betting events that will be sponsoring will take place this Saturday, November 26, 2011, at the University of Florida vs. Florida State University football game. What’s the challenge? is sponsoring the “World’s Largest Beer Bong,” and 150 people will be selected to participating in this event that is a staple at many college parties. The event will take place at a local pub, the Tilted Kilt.

“This is going to be a great addition to our normal tailgate atmosphere at the Tilted Kilt,” said the manager of the restaurant, Shawn Flaherty.

Honestly, I think the website sounds like a fun idea and I will probably check it out when it launched this Saturday. The idea of a giant beer-bong – two kegs are required to fill the funnel – that is being shared by 150 strangers, does not seem that appealing to me. However, since the event is taking place inside a bar where drinkers will no doubt be carded to make sure they are of age, I do not have any real problems with this game-day activity. What do you think? Does it sound like a great time or a great way to catch a cold by drinking after others?


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