Motivational Speaker Talks to College Students About Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Elaine Williams Headshot For many students, the first time they will drink alcohol or experiment with drugs is during college. For some, the first time leads to a second and a third and a fourth, and before they realize it, they are heading down the road to substance abuse and addiction. Of course, students hear about the dangers of this path all the time, but these messages can be easy to ignore. Unless the message is coming from Elaine Williams, a comedian and motivational speaker who has recently been touring college campuses across the nation to talk about substance abuse and addiction.

“There is so much shame, darkness and isolation in being an addict,” Williams said. “Laughter is the opposite of that. It also releases endorphins. So, I don’t preach, lecture, point my finger or scare the students. I tell my story and how I overcame the abuses, but I also empathize and listen to the students. I get what they’re going through. There’s a lot of pressure to perform, be liked and feel part of a group.”

It seems that Williams’ message is getting through to those who see her presentation as well.

“Elaine was real and really funny,” said Steven, a student at Southwest Tennessee Community College. “She had our attention the whole time. I can tell she really cares about the students.”

This semester, Williams has spoken at several schools, including New Mexico State University, Bethany College, University of Memphis, University of Arkansas, and University of Texas.

Approximately once each week, one person in the USA dies from alcohol poisoning. Recently, teenage abuse of alcohol and drugs has been on the decline, but this is still a problem that needs to be addressed, and it seems that Williams has found an effective way to do that.

“Our crowds can be tough but they all loved Elaine,” said Phoenix Worthy, the Student Activities Director at Southwest Tennessee Community College. “She had them laughing so hard that they kept listening, which is perfect because her subjects are so very important.”


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  1. Andrew Mpamize says:

    Hey gdevening?

    Iam Andrew Mpamize, a Ugandan aged 27 years currently living in the Ugandan Capital Kampala.

    As my mentor, iam kindly writing to share with you my experience with alcohol addiction.

    I have been drinking alcohol for the last 10 years but i have to confess that in this period, I have experienced the darkest moments in my life.
    – I was expelled twice from highschool because of drinking alcohol.
    – After graduation in 2016, I got my first job as a Manager of a local microfinance bank but was later terminated disgracefully because of drinking alcohol.
    – Before termination, I caused a financial loss of 18 Million Uganda Shillings to the bank and all this money was paid back by my family. They were saving me because I was risking being imprisoned for 10 years.
    – I was imprisoned 3 times because of fighting in bars when drunk
    – I also narrowly survived getting HIV/AIDS because of buying prostitutes when drunk.

    These and very many horrific incidences happened in my life due to alcohol addiction.

    However, on the 9th/4/2018 I took a very fundamental decision to stop drinking alcohol and since then I have never turned back and neither do i intend to.

    With this story, I have decided to write a testimony book about my addiction distress to teach other people about the dangers of drinking alcohol.
    The book is titled “ONCE UPON A LIQUOR SLAVE” and it’s undergoing completion.

    The purpose of writing to you therefore is to request that I share with you the soft copy of my book and you read through for any guidance but most importantly for any FINANCIAL HELP TO HELP ME PUBLISH THE BOOK.

    When the book is finally published, I intend to move around the country teaching the youth about the dangers of alcohol addiction.

    Thank you so much. Waiting for your reply.

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